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But now, Whitney is part of a group of fosters who must learn to live in a new culture that lives and dies by trees, yet where environmentalist is a dirty word.
EVANGELISM is a 10-letter dirty word for some Christians.
A business leader urged the Government last night to stop treating profit as a dirty word or risk seeing more and more companies go bust.
Yet, considering all the blather about obscene corporate excess, "profit" seems to be the only dirty word left in this country.
I want people to know that autism isn't a dirty word.
Sarkozy that "liberalism" is not a dirty word, so defensive he was about being labeled a "liberal.
When used in the context of higher education, "productivity" sounds like a dirty word.
He admits to feeling that he betrayed journalism by crossing over to flakdom, at least initially, and devotes an entire chapter to public relations as a dirty word.
For some people, forgiveness is a very dirty word indeed.
Has he stopped to consider that we have no steel industry, no aluminum industry, a declining auto industry and fewer jobs because the plaintiffs bar and anti-capitalism initiatives have made profit a dirty word and unobtainable.
Winter is often a dirty word here in the Northwest.
Democracy is a dirty word in the union movement and freedom is a farce.
Caffeine's the dirty word, these days, and many companies are slanting their advertising to tell you that their products contain none of that nasty "upper.
Today, however, a number of IMA ["A Global Certification," Strategic Finance, September 2001] and AICPA ["The Global Business Credential," Journal of Accountancy, September 2001J leaders seem to think that "Accountant" has become a dirty word.