dirty tricks

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underhand commercial or political behavior designed to discredit an opponent

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Or is the truth that this is just a cash cow, and Stockfield Road nothing more than a dirty trick to rob the motorists of Birmingham?
Gandhi, a former IAS officer, said the perception about CBI being a department of dirty tricks needs to change.
When there are several candidates with the same last name, first name and patronymic, then, in my opinion, it is quite dirty tricks that are intended to deceive our people and voters" - Mykola Azarov said.
The people of Worcestershire West are entitled to feel aggravated by this underhand dirty trick.
The race for the 2016 Olympics is being viewed as the most intense for years with allegations of dirty tricks being levelled at supporters of the favourites.
The voters don't need any dirty tricks from the Tories, just take a look at the pig's ear Labour is making of the job.
Collins denied any involvement in the dirty tricks plan and insisted his meeting was "not about personal attacks or smears".
Mr Hain has been very willing to comment on the alleged dirty tricks against him; I'm sure he will now be ready to directly address the other issues of public concern that arise from his failed and expensive ambition to be deputy leader.
If recent history is any guide, this fall's presidential election will be marred by vote suppression and cynical dirty tricks.
The Government was accused of dirty tricks today after new details emerged of how it plans to hit a controversial MRSA target.
They have claimed our story was part of a dirty tricks campaign designed to discredit the politician behind the police investigation into the cash-for-honours affair.
The flashbacks are rich in strategizing, debate and dirty tricks by both the abolitionists and their pro-slavery Parliamentary rivals.
MOAN OF WEEK: Did Chelsea really have to resort to dirty tricks to beat Newcastle United?
It's tempting to indulge in accusations of Diebold conspiracies, dirty tricks, shadowy last-minute cash, and (more accurately) negative Republican attack ads and conservative fear-mongering.
And Susan resorts to dirty tricks in her custody battle.