dirty trick

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an unkind or aggressive trick

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Labour has been accused of dirty tricks after distributing leaflets reporting a Liberal Democrat candidate was once declared bankrupt.
Dirty tricks have become more sophisticated and harder to trace since Donald Segretti and other Nixonites wrote fake letters and made up stories about Democratic candidates.
It was another Tory dirty trick, a giant fib that terrified people.
Now, he is saying there is another dirty trick afoot, with a phony letter written about Duke on U.
Speed fines by entrapment WHAT a scurrilous bunch our councillors are, and where better can you see their dirty tricks than on the Stockfield Road?
PARLIAMENTARY candidate Mike O'Brien walked out of a public meeting in Bedworth, claiming that he had been the victim of "a silly dirty trick.
I'm sure Mr Cable respects women, holds them in reverence even, but he doesn't rate their intellect and so can't conceive that they might be clever enough, or devious enough, to play a dirty trick.
The people of Worcestershire West are entitled to feel aggravated by this underhand dirty trick.
The bill would not deter legitimate efforts to keep ineligible people from voting, but it should greatly reduce the use of voter challenges as an Election Day dirty trick.
Catching someone off guard is no more than a dirty trick.
Any dirty trick can be undone if people recognize the implicit injustice in it.
Every moment of existence seems like some dirty trick," he laments.
Her life and death, as well as Frederic's life, are mere effects of the discourse which we, as readers, receive-yet another dirty trick.
Coronation Street (ITV1): Liz is furious with Tracy when she plays another dirty trick on Steve