dirty story

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an indelicate joke

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VILNIUS -- A long and dirty story with accusations of pedophilia resulted in a double murder in Lithuania's second largest city, Kaunas, on Oct.
Ol' Dirty B***d, The Dirty Story - The Best of ODB, eastwest, out Monday If you can figure out the name, and you find it offensive, then for goodness sake don't buy the album.
In a two-novel series, The Light of Day (1962) and Dirty Story (1967), he chronicled the life of a battered soldier of fortune who has been involved in shady deals in Istanbul, Athens, and central Africa.
Dirty Story is a sexy satire of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which Tony Kushner called "astonishing.
He simulated sex while telling a dirty story and called one employee a "terrifying black lesbian", it was alleged.
But another taste displayed by rhesus monkeys leaves Marriott with a dirty story to tell.
Then came 9/11, which inspired Shanley's topical Dirty Story (2003), featuring characters intended to represent the U.
Doug Hughes is directing Doubt, and he's great; the other show's got a much greener director, Chris McGarry, who's been an actor mostly, and who I did Dirty Story with.