dirty pool

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conduct that is unfair or unethical or unsportsmanlike

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You're left sweating even while you wash up and it leaves a dirty pool of water behind," Pakistani No'man Rasheed said.
Her mockery of community organizers and Democrats against torture was dirty pool, but the ridicule of the environmental study of grizzly bears in Montana, repeated by Mr.
It is dirty pool for people who have previously claimed the high ground.
In short, the political establishment played some very dirty pool.
That being said, the peace-at-all-cost brigades resorted to some dirty pool to help make their case against the purchase of new tanks.
No amount of upgrades and design features can help a dirty pool.
All that in itself is not so dangerous; it's dirty pool, but pool.
Anderson plays fast and loose with his editing--people who may never have been in the same room (all the interviewees are filmed solo) seem to be having arguments, which seems like dirty pool given some of the "exchanges.
It was dirty pool to let the Port Authority build the World Trade towers," she said.
Pickering complained that Vietnam was playing dirty pool by not only marketing its basa and tra as "catfish," but selling them under brands like Delta Fresh and Cajun Delight to make it seem as if they came from the US South.
Both Presidential candidates, Al Gore and Governor Bush, were pretending to keep out of it, leaving the dirty pool to their Rottweilers.
Yet another potent myth revolves around the seemingly eternally reverberating claim that: the post-war Vietnamese played some sort of dirty pool with respect to America's "missing in action.