dirty old man

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Synonyms for dirty old man

an immoral or licentious man


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a middle-aged man with lecherous inclinations

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She thinks I'm a dirty old man (at 74), but you know I'm right, don't you?
We went up to the top of the park to get away from them and, to my disgust, along came a dirty old man sitting on the bench near our children, plainly watching them.
The desperate truth of Lolita's story is not the rape of a twelve-year-old by a dirty old man but the confiscation of one individual's life by another.
He is accused of being just a dirty old man, but his defence of being a dreamer just about wins him his desires.
Other personalities meet ends that are no better: Billie Holiday loses her nose, and Albert Einstein, in the famous photo where he is sticking out his tongue, looks like a cross between a dirty old man and an ape.
Just because he was a dirty old man with wandering hands, it didn't necessarily follow that he had preyed on children.
He's wearing fast" TV historian Dr David Starkey on the royal pair "Yes, dirty old man.
We used to make jokes in a 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink' kind of way about him being a dirty old man.
But not before bitchy judge Jason Gardiner told him: "You look like a dirty old man who can't believe his luck dancing with her.
Odd that Mo lusting after blokes is funny/healthy, while Jim (trapped in a sexless marriage with old iron drawers) is a dirty old man for having unexpressed sexual feelings.
He's a dirty old man, I suppose, who takes advantage of the situation women found themselves in at that time.
I think there's a segment of society that thinks I'm some dirty old man in the basement of a building cranking out pornography,'' Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, told TV's ``Extra'' in an interview broadcast Friday.
Bombshell has to go because it's also "militaristic and violent," as do Renaissance man, dirty old man ("conveys very little real information"), Big Brother, Caesar's wife, and deus ex machina (deus is in the masculine gender).
The woman, who was then 23, added: "He was a dirty perv, a dirty old man.