dirty money

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goods or money obtained illegally

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He said: "These criminals were transferring significant amounts of dirty money through currency exchange in an attempt to conceal its origins and make it legitimate.
The former head of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency added: "I think that when you mix dirty money with legitimate money the whole lot should be able to be forfeited.
The drug dealer, whose family supplied the Daniel mob, masked his dirty money by declaring income from a shop in Shettleston Road, Glasgow.
Every penny spent trying to stop drugs reaching Scotland should be matched trying to seize dirty money.
I already got him in the Diddy Dirty Money crew, with Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys.
He will be sentenced in the dirty money case next month.
The star warmed up for his gig last night by relaxing with his Dirty Money bandmates in the spa of his five star hotel after six hour soundcheck on Tuesday.
When the rap megastar invited us to Glasgow to see him performing with his new collective, Diddy Dirty Money, we had no idea of the weird and wonderful 12 hours that lay ahead.
Diddy will showcase his new material with Dirty Money and support acts are Skepta and Jodie Connor.
So now he has hit back, taking a pop at the megastar and his latest group, Diddy Dirty Money.
Diddy, whose album Last Train To Paris, recorded with Dirty Money, is due out, added: "I'm not an easy person to love, that's the thing.
That sounds a lot but is a drop in the ocean of dirty money in Scotland's economy.
IT wasn't so much Dirty Money, more loadsa money, as P Diddy hit the town with a vengeance on Thursday.
The bags would be left there and returned on the next visit after being emptied of the dirty money belonging to Jamie Stevenson and other millionaire criminals - grubby tenners and twenties bound into pounds 5000 rolls collected from Scotland's addicts and users.