dirty linen

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personal matters that could be embarrassing if made public

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Total quantity or scope: Base maintenance cleaning (both houses) total about 23 182 mA and surface glass cleaning (both houses) total approximately 2693 mA, waste disposal and dirty linen transport approximately 187 h / month, collection and delivery services approximately 175 h / month, SpE-ldienste about 1029 h / month and disinfecting cleaning (approx.
Provision of clean linen and dirty linen deportations will take place daily on weekdays from Monday to Friday:
While they may have pulled a political stroke in setting up this half-baked inquiry, they haven't pulled the wool over the eyes of the Irish people who are crying out for all our dirty linen to be aired in public.
WHATEVER the truth about the claim Prince Harry cheated in his Art A-level exam, Eton College is coming out of this exercise in dirty linen washing extremely badly.
And it's not as if they are washing their dirty linen in public.
IT is unfortunate that Radz chose to air our dirty linen in public -- but can anyone take issue with what he has said?
Object of the contract includes the supply of all day to clean the premises of the SPZZOZ in Las Vegas, including a) washing, washing windows,b) cleaning,c) cleaning of different surfaces,d) maintenance of floors,e) disinfection,f) rodent and pest control,g) transport of medical waste, municipal waste, segregated from the places of their creation to designated storage locations,h) transport of clean and dirty linen,i) depository garmentj) assistance with activities of hygiene and personal care with patients,k) and auxiliary transport activities,l) other related to the maintenance of order and cleanliness,m) the maintenance of order at the containers on the premises,n) ensuring mats.
He said: "A lot of things have gone on but they are club matters and I don't feel it is right to air our dirty linen in public.
The staff would throw his dirty linen in the bottom of the wardrobe.
Firefighters are becoming a little disillusioned with the union over other issues and, while I would not dream of washing our dirty linen in public, one case in point would be their handling of the recent industrial dispute.
When the case was settled, Ally, who was sacked at the start of the season, said: "The last thing I wanted was to wash dirty linen in public but it was important to reach a fair conclusion.
Provision of clean linen and dirty linen removal will take place daily on weekdays from Monday to Friday:
NEW Labour really have a penchant for washing dirty linen in public.
Start off by burying that dirty linen in a linen basket which becomes part of the furniture.
I switched on one day and couldn't believe the people washing their dirty linen in public, " says the father-of-three who now lives in Finchley, London.