dirty linen

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personal matters that could be embarrassing if made public

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Washing dirty linen in public -- A democratic attitude within the party and in the society encourages debate as a practical derivative of the human right to freedom of expression, freedom of association, no matter how hurtful for the party members.
But instead she has been on the radio spouting off again, airing more of her dirty linen in public.
Far too much dirty linen has been exposed to the public gaze,'' said Tan.
The manager, Mr Mackay, himself accusing the owner of "washing their dirty linen in public".
It is a matter of grave concern for India then that the turnaround was not due to a crisis of conscience, but more a result of dirty linen needing attention.
Hakobyan said he would not ask such a question at PACE, not because of reluctance "to wash our dirty linen in public" but the
Dubai Burj residents no longer have to worry about washing their dirty linen.
Patients have complained not only of inadequate doctors, nurses and medical supplies but also complained of dirty linen, infected bed sheets and large number of cockroaches and rats roaming freely in the halls of the hospital.
And Fiza exploited the platform to the fullest, explicitly washing her dirty linen in public, dwelling at length on her short- lived marriage, conversion to Islam and suicide bid.
These clever vehicles will deliver and collect around 3,600 meal trays, hundreds of clean and dirty linen items and other waste from around the hospital,' said RNSH General Manager Sue Shilbury.
Among the intersections of person and topic are Zoe Wicomb on washing dirty linen in public, Don Foster proclaiming that even bodies never speak pure languages, and Pumla Gobodo-Madikizele and Chris van der Merwe on a better past.
I can't help wondering whether this very public airing of dirty linen, though wonderfully cleansing for the individuals concerned, only runs the risk of adding insult to injury to those who have been wronged.
Summary: Robots are being brought in to transport waste and dirty linen, deliver food and dispense drugs at an NHS hospital.
What, however, is much more annoying is that we are washing our dirty linen in public again - how the hell do we hope to win inward investment when anyone coming in wants certainty and sure footed, well thought out policy, not this constant shooting from the holster, straight into the foot