dirty laundry

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personal matters that could be embarrassing if made public

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com/2014/nicole-kidman-keith-urban-divorce-grace-of-monaco-split-delay-break-up-baby/) Celebrity Dirty Laundry , the only reason why their marriage is still on is because of their children.
On being asked if he had worn something out of the dirty laundry basket, Jonas replied by saying he does so all the time, especially while working out.
Scheduled for release in August by Code black Entertainment, Dirty Laundry has its cliches (like the sassy Southern mama who threatens to beat her son with an iron skillet), but what makes this film unprecedented is the fusion of homosexuality and the "traditional" black family.
How do you feel about black writers airing dirty laundry in public?
Long before Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom became household obscenities, this guerilla satirist with a video cam and a baseball cap was storming the bastilles and gated communities of the rich and famous and tossing their dirty laundry out the window.
The two parted ways just over a year later, but not before airing their dirty laundry in court, Coleman departing the venture entirely.
ALWAYS a party to do its dirty laundry in public, the Labour Party in Cardiff has never appeared the most harmonious of institutions.
Handy rope attachments for handles are strong and durable enough to keep all the family dirty laundry in.
com/2014/kendall-jenner-billboards-teleprompter-masterminded-planned-kris-jenner-planned-publicity/) According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry , forgetting about the name of the Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer at the Awards show may have been a ploy set by Kris Jenner to make the entertainment world abuzz with Kendall and her telemprompter flub.
The singer, 27, due in the UK to premiere the flick tonight, says: "It's easy to air your dirty laundry - people do it all of the time in the most unclassy ways, but I don't think that's why I'm here.
Stars who stopped by the Gift Lounge not only helped LG assist Broadway in going green, but also "aired their dirty laundry.
NEW track Papers completely airs Usher's dirty laundry in public.
A EXPERT packer Fraser Russell suggests you take an empty bag in your suitcase to separate dirty laundry from clean clothing.
For one thing, the calcium-rich dairy product doesn't have as much dirty laundry as the agency that may or may not have helped Nicaraguan drug lords sell cocaine in the U.