dirty joke

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an indelicate joke

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I'm not rude in front of people I don't know, but I tell a dirty joke now and then.
It is not easy for a woman to be bold and funny in public, leave alone crack a dirty joke, but that's never stopped New Yorkbased, Indian- born comedian Radhika Vaz, who performed on Saturday night at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre.
He wouldn't tell a dirty joke or even swear in front of a woman.
She and my brother had probably expected a dirty joke or two, not a life-altering experience, and she was mortified.
Warren, who returns to the Belgrade in October with comedy drama Visiting Mr Green, said: "Aged four, I told a dirty joke to my family - my father laughed, clipped me round the ear and sent me to bed.
Danny talks about the death of his infant son; Julian tells him a dirty joke but is soon regretful.
Also on the late night schedule is "The Aristocrats," a documentary about dozens of comics and one very dirty joke.
Now, OK, that's a dirty joke, but it's really the perspective that's shocking--it's a woman and a gay man conspiring against a straight man, and that's absolutely terrifying to the status quo.
Insisting that rock was a glamorously dirty joke, Pussy Galore released a series of albums and EPs that were death-of-the-text jack moves - noisy guitar assaults that didn't exist if they didn't offend.
The film also features two other original Kastel tracks, "Rope Me A Cowboy" and the tongue in cheek country-pop-rock title theme song "Everybody Loves A Dirty Joke.
Stern frequently grills his guests about their sex lives, and Schumer, no stranger to telling a dirty joke or two, did not hesitate to go into detail.
I'm not rude in front of people that I don't know, but I tell I dirty joke now and then - I'm not squeaky clean," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
And no topic is taboo either, she would be just at home talking to a road sweeper or a scientist, cry with you if you were sad and laugh like a drain at a dirty joke.
He says, "Aged four, I told a dirty joke to my family - my father laughed, clipped me round the ear and sent me to bed.
From the opening scene where two nerdy high school friends carry on a sexually explicit conversation (that clearly has more to do with their fantasies than their actual experiences), this is one long dirty joke.