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an atom bomb that leaves considerable radioactive contamination

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Six years after Padilla arrived, the United States faces vulnerabilities when it comes to dirty bombs.
If you look at the nature of the sort of attacks that have either been carried out or foiled, we are talking about attacks on crowded public places, the use potentially of dirty bombs and other things and that is why it is something that we need to take seriously, which we are.
SHOPPERS were warned to be on their guard last night as the Home Secretary revealed fears of a possible dirty bomb attack in the run-up to Christmas.
The Indian-born convert to Islam plotted to drive limousines packed with explosives into the New York Stock Exchange, flood the London Underground and considered using radioactive dirty bombs.
Indeed, if it was easy and simple to build dirty bombs, one would think they would be as prolific as improvised explosive devices in Iraq.
Suppose it was created by terrorists wielding a dirty bomb, an explosive laced with a radioactive substance such as uranium or cesium?
Mr Bradley said: "This is the most realistic programme that has ever been done about the aftermath of a dirty bomb.
Additionally, the NPT has not even been entirely effective in halting the spread of nuclear material, its primary objective and greatest contribution in the fight against dirty bombs.
BRITAIN will not be fully protected from terrorist smugglers bringing in dirty bombs for another TWO years.
Policymakers and the public need to understand the costs and risks associated with dirty bombs to invest appropriate resources for preparation and prevention efforts as well as for consequence mitigation," he said.
Vanguard's dirty bombs and simulated RDDs were detonated inside all three sizes of Vanguard's Universal Containment System.
Dirty bombs can create large radioactive plumes, cause health and psychological effects, and produce significant economic impacts largely due to decontamination efforts.
Dirty bombs could contaminate large areas causing panic and exposing thousands to radiation poisoning.
RST) announced today the unveiling of its new Demron(TM) product line, designed specifically for protection against dirty bombs.