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The source also had to be cleaned when pollution or dirtiness were detected by multiple reaction monitoring techniques, because sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratios are difficult to assess with the present procedure because of the autoadaptive LIT fill time.
The Australians must not allow him to contaminate their fine nation with his poison and his dirtiness.
His hands, at least, appear to have achieved authentic, chosen dirtiness.
However one should never judge a man by his appearance for despite the strange behaviour and the dirtiness of his attire Mr.
dryness, wetness, dirtiness, temporary or permanent cuts and bruises, spots in skin).
And that is why some take off their footwear when sitting together on the floor or at a gathering, as it is a line that basically separates cleanliness from dirtiness.
Neglecting effect of shade & dirtiness, the heat energy absorbed by collectors is 9331.
As an extension of that metaphoric residue, this nearly thirty-minute episode also transposes the motif of the stain introduced in the previous sections, as both literal and figurative dirtiness, onto the social milieu in which Min-jae seems permanently lodged.
THE council has got more to worry about than plastic bags, like violence and the dirtiness of the streets, which isn't caused by dropped plastic bags.
Experts say that the reason for this is the bad conditions in this city, such as poor infrastructure, dirtiness, and problems with parking.
They smelt the weakness from you, sensed the dirtiness, the otherness of you.
Then there was the almost gourmet appreciation of the pollution of the crack, the dirtiness and lustiness of it.
When I was young, I felt skeptical about Spiritualism, an attitude I inherited from my father, but also a reaction to the soupcon of rot and mold and Victorian dirtiness that, of course, originated in Spiritualism's preoccupation with speaking to the dead.
Most striking to the visitor or patient of Al-Kuwait hospital as he or she enters its different wards are the dirtiness of the floors, the worn-out furniture and the bad smell in rooms and corridors.