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a racetrack that is not paved

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Dubai: There was no pomp and ceremony, just business as usual as Dubai's iconic Meydan Racecourse ushered in a new era in the UAE horse racing when it staged its first meeting of the 2014-15 season on the newly installed dirt track on Thursday evening.
If it seems beyond reasonable doubt that running on a more forgiving synthetic surface is kinder to horses than pounding away on rock-hard dirt, a more pertinent issue for American racing is that the combination of a permissive drugs regime and hard dirt tracks can make for a lethal cocktail.
In the end he abandoned the freeway and took dirt tracks, pinpointed for him by text messages from a friend in New York.
It happened on a dirt track on his 15,000 acres estate at Cirencester, Gloucestershire on Saturday.
The incident happened on a dirt track in Lord Bathurst's 15,000- acreest ate at Cirencester,Gloucestershire, on Saturday afternoon.
The track, with seating for 40,000 and an adjoining 1/2-mile dirt track, will also be unique in other ways.
2 million fans will have attended a World of Outlaws event, it's all coming down to one last weekend at The Dirt Track @ Lowe's Motor Speedway.
ANEW dirt track at Santa Anita might produce fewer fatalities than the one that was removed three years ago, but that prospect is based more on faith than scientific knowledge.
His call for the end of Breeders' Cup races on traditional dirt surfaces must be viewed within that context, but his opinions on the dangers of running on a dirt track following heavy rain are widely held.
Lawyer Ron is 6 for 6 on dirt tracks and 0 for 7 on turf and Poly track surfaces.
The ninth-year Moorpark coach previously coached on dirt tracks at Simi Valley and Cal Lutheran.
Before Bill Vukovich won two consecutive Indianapolis 500s, he was a West Coast midget-car racer who tackled dirt tracks in and around Los Angeles in the years after World War II.
I'll wiggle a little bit, but I grew up on dirt tracks, so I'm used to it.
His 4-for-4 record since switching from turf to dirt tracks prompted comparisons to 1995-96 Horse of the Year Cigar.
But since switching to dirt tracks with his next start, Mazel Trick is unbeaten, the victories coming by increasing margins.