dirt track

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a racetrack that is not paved

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Mick Peterson, executive director of the Racing Surfaces Testing Laboratory, was on hand at Keeneland over the weekend to review testing and measuring procedures to ensure the safety of the dirt track.
Upon arrival ambulance staff were directed by the children down a dirt track on foot and found the man, in his 50s.
Bauabschnitt, BW 27, BB dirt track on the B 466, B 466 Construction of the bypass road sweetener 4.
Second faourite Lea continued his preparation for Saturday's race by galloping 2400m over the inner dirt track.
He abandoned the vehicle down a dirt track and there was a short pursuit on foot before the officers detained and arrested him.
Once Goodyear produced the 11-inch tire, Ty Dillon went back to 311 Speedway, a dirt track in Pine Hall, NC.
Bridgeport Speedway, nicknamed the "Fastest Dirt Track in the East," consists of a spacious 5/8-mile high-banked dirt oval, where average speeds reach well over 100 miles per hour, according to the (http://www.
Although he only competed in the last round - due to his commitments in enduro racing - his fine results meant that he claimed second place in the enitre Dirt Track Oval Series.
Motorcycle Races on a 1/8 Mile Dirt Track, Every Wednesday Night at 7:30 p.
30pm and 11pm at the top end of Llantwit Road, which runs into a dirt track.
Only two riders have been seeded through to the main event of the Dirt Track Solo class, six for the Mini Bike class and two for the Dirt Track MX class.
New Delhi, July 25 (ANI): With 65 bikers from across the country, the All India Monsoon Dirt Track Race Championship began in Indore on Saturday.
The 17-year-old died when he fell from his off-road bike on a dirt track yesterday afternoon.
Adapted supermoto, motocross, enduro and dirt track machines - ranging in size from 125cc up to 1200cc - compete in 12-rider races ranging from six to 12 laps.
But even the most lopsided result on the dirt track was less than definitive.