dirt cheap

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That still makes oil cheap, just not dirt cheap any more.
Plan your romantic vacation now: dirt cheap flights from Liverpool to Providence--at last
Customers can buy high-quality handloads dirt cheap, and Reichard turns out primo custom hunting ammo in calibers like .
Web publishing would be dirt cheap, they said, because there would be no printing and postage to bother with.
Using Volkswagen's FSI technology, which is a form of direct injection and a supercharger VW reckon they have a car that is sporty to drive yet dirt cheap to run.
Of course, today cell phone service is available many places and is dirt cheap.
CDs are also dirt cheap for fans who need to take back a sweetener for wives or partners to ensure they can go on the next venture.
We found dozens of rocking new looks, all for dirt cheap.
Cereal-box lasers Refinements to a polymer-imprinting technique enabled researchers to create little plastic lasers, which may be a step toward dirt cheap laser-based sensors and communications gadgets (164: 53 *).
Drought has demolished crops in many parts of the region while dirt cheap commodity prices have siphoned off financial gain from this year's meager harvests.
And he wanted to use standard Category-5 wiring, which he says is dirt cheap compared to the patch cords used to connect most stereo components today.
But the biggest selling point is that online brokers are dirt cheap.
I was wrong: It's merely dirt cheap compared with that available to civilians.
It's a dirt cheap practice that runs against all environmental guidelines and raises questions as to what any of the money raised by the council dog licensing scheme is spent on.
That's what they're called: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,'" says Shapiro, who worked for the Globe as a free-lance reporter covering the Ramsey case for nearly two years.