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a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension

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Whether you simply would like to try out the motorcycle of your dreams or go on a great adventure in the self-drive and guided tours offered from any one of our beautifully located 100+ locations across the globe, EagleRider offers the world's favorite brands including Harley-Davidson, Indian, Honda and BMW in motorcycles as well as Scooters, Dirt Bikes, and ATV's.
Founded by motocross rider Rob Healy, N-Style create numbers and precut decals to offer dirt bike riders the opportunity to transform the appearance of their bike.
Breault, president of the Main South neighborhood group, said Thursday that teenagers riding ATVs and dirt bikes have caused extensive damage to parks and parked cars, and have even seriously injured themselves while driving those vehicles.
The FMX troupe is made up of professional dirt bike and ATV riders, with a combined group experience of more than 50 years.
The FMX troupe comprises professional dirt bike and ATV riders, with a combined group experience of over 50 years.
The modern 125cc four-stroke engine is punchy and because the bike is geared low for extra punch low down the rev range as all dirt bikes should be, you end up giving your left boot a serious workout going up and down the smooth six-speed gearbox.
Weir specializes exclusively in dirt bikes - Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Hodaka, Husaberg and Husqvarna - built from 1977 to present.
In a world of single-cylinder dirt bikes, the RXV450 and 550 were the first dedicated V-twin off-road motorcycles.
We had a standard camp site reserved, but found out later the Volcom crew and others had a field on the edge of town with tents, cars, fires, shrooms, dirt bikes, and live music going on.
The drummer came a cropper while racing some dirt bikes at a bike show near their adopted home of Skerries and the poor lad is still nursing an injury - he had to play the band's set at Oxegen with a dislocated shoulder.
Yesterday he bravely put aside his nerves, as he awaited the procedure at Newcastle RVI to graft muscle and nerve tissue from his thigh onto his injured foot, to warn other youngsters of the dangers they face riding dirt bikes.
Tots as young as 3 and 4 ride four-wheel ATVs and dirt bikes all the time, right?
Another key issue is a vehicle's hauling capacity in terms of cargo and hitch accessories (like jet-skis, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and U-Haul trailers).
Overall sales in this category match the combined overall sales of both dirt bikes and street bikes.
TWO SUZUKI DIRT BIKES RUMBLE ON THE LIP OF THE CURB, waiting for an opening in the nonstop traffic on Vitacura Avenue.