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a full skirt with a gathered waistband

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a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt

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Infused with the joys of spring, we dirndl damsels, resembling the cast of The Sound of Music, performed warm-up exercises, waving our arms in front crawl swimming-style and scrumping imaginary apples in the orchard.
The photo shows (from left to right): Traditional folk costume worn by Lufthansa's customer service staff, dirndl worn by Lufthansa German Airlines crew members and the traditional dress worn by Lufthansa CityLine flight attendants.
I love wearing my Bavarian outfits of daringly low-cut Dirndl dresses and a scarf around my hair.
Whereas Frankenstein's imminent marriage was to draw the community together, the monster's appearance transforms the absurdly childish peasant-folk into a bloodthirsty mob, exchanging their dirndls and lederhosen for fedoras and pin-stripe suits.
Explain This: Dirndls, which are traditional dresses worn in Germany have now been fashioned for animals.
Since 2006, a long-haul crew has swapped the usual navy blue Lufthansa uniform for dirndls and traditional Bavarian suits.
After an encounter with Austrian communists donning traditional national costumes, they made a video, Goldegg, 2005, featuring a girls' choir: The singers, dutifully squeezed into dirndls, sing "Commandante Che Guevara" a propaganda song from the '70s GDR.
There are golf courses, women in dirndls, men in lederhosen, and some uncelebrated recent history.
The German population didn't like this move, and they showed it by wearing national costumes, like lederhosen and dirndls.
Reporters at this year's Octoberfest noticed the onset of a style war, instigated by young German women who favor ultra-short dirndls and skintight lederhosen.
Instead of the traditional lederhosen and dirndls seen in every tourist poster, the costumed Germans tossing chocolate bars from the passing floats were decked out in cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats, twirling lazy lariats and pearl-handled six shooters
They try to look different and to make an impression with their costumes; for example, people from Munich would wear dirndls.
GOktoberfest Liverpool will see a party tent set up in Exchange Flags, with a world of lederhosen, dirndls, schnitzels, exclusive beer tastings and true German hospitality.