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a full skirt with a gathered waistband

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a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt

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Had Di been on a trip to Russia, you can bet she wouldn't have swaddled herself as a babushka in a bulky dirndl skirt and shawl.
On the last day of filming, I made a dirndl skirt which took me all back to third year domestic science at school.
A hotel cleaner mops the floor near the brown plastic seats where the exotic pair - they look like matching tall, thin kingfishers in head-to-toe neon blue and turquoise stage make-up - settle down next to the short woman in a dirndl skirt who turns out to be their mother.
The oompah bands, the men in lederhosen, the girls in dirndl skirts and the kind of blouses guaranteed to stop traffic.
Many GABF-goers come in costumes, ranging from fetching frauleins in dirndl skirts to people dressed as hops, wizards, or even big mugs of beer.
I was about the same age as them and I remember thinking how attractive they all looked in their dirndl skirts and velvet bodices.
Buy full dirndl skirts and big, bold belts to bring focus to your tiny waist.
The must-see costume floor is a dressing-up mixture of modern German classics with dirndl skirts and semi-couture keeping traditions alive (Marienplatz 11, 00 49 89 236910, www.
Best of all, these pieces recombine endlessly--the pants with a black cardigan for school, with a dare-to-be-bare camisole and strappy sandals for an evening out; and the jacket upgrades everything from floral dirndl skirts to favorite denim jeans, or pairs with perfect white pants to be totally on trend.
The pretty brunette has a very particular style of her own - consisting of tight girdles, bosomy peasant blouse and dirndl skirts.
The decor and ambience are how I envisage homespun Austrian - waitresses in dirndl skirts and pinafores, stone walls, pine cladding, chunky tables and chairs, chintzy carpet, mountains capes and the odd bucolic touch, like the furry pelt hung in the Eidelweiss Stube (bar area).
To wander round here is like entering a fairytale especially when you see people dressed in their native costumes, women in dirndl skirts and men in leather shorts.