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a relatively long dagger with a straight blade

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Clark, who lost to Dirks in the by-election by around 800 votes, said that the ruling had shown that Alberta had the weakest ethics legislation in the country.
Dr Dirks said that the Western media was one of the chief proponents of this and that this has been occurring in the West for a very long time.
We have a role to play in solving some very fundamental issues in information management," says Dirks.
Finally, Dirks agreed to leave, but said Franco would leave, too.
The Supreme Court's message to the SEC in Dirks was as clear as it was in Chiarella: If you want a level playing field, go see Congress, not us.
He just made it seem so exciting,'' Buchanan recalled of Dirks.
She's the caliber who could be easily teaching at Harvard,'' Dirks said.
We recently completed a project for one of the country's fastest growing churches whose primary challenge was making its organizational taxonomy available and applicable to two key systems; one of which was Vignette," Dirks added.
To carry out their plan, the complaint alleges that the Dirks, in conjunction with the Company's conflicted Board of Directors: (a) deliberately sandbagged the performance of the business; (b) created a black cloud over the Company by switching accountants on four occasions in the past two years, which in turn; (c) delayed the Company's filings with the SEC on multiple occasions, which in turn; (d) caused the Company's shares to be delisted at one point.
Dirks, senior vice president -- brand management & marketing for Hilton.
SchemaLogic announced today that Jeff Dirks was appointed the company's new President and CEO.
NET Framework," was written by Brent Dirks, CPA, EA, MCSE, based on his scrutiny of a working copy of SYSPRO 6.
The bottom line is we want Hilton to do its part in response to the President's call," said Dirks.
com) today announced that the Company was given a strong buy recommendation in a report issued today by Dirks & Co.
OTCBB:CNGG), an oil and gas extraction and development company with producing properties in Louisiana and Indonesia, announced that Dirks & Co.