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a relatively long dagger with a straight blade

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Clark, who lost to Dirks in the by-election by around 800 votes, said that the ruling had shown that Alberta had the weakest ethics legislation in the country.
We need to acknowledge that there is no magic bullet that will reshape our energy use portfolio," Dirks said.
Dr Dirks said that the Western media was one of the chief proponents of this and that this has been occurring in the West for a very long time.
When Dirks asked why, the sergeant said, "You're going to have to talk it over with Vice President Ramirez.
Dirks and his colleagues have also begun transplanting cells into the brains of rodents for a similar test.
Even though Dirks had no fiduciary responsibility to Equity Funding, the appeals court said, he had an overriding obligation to the SEC and the trading public to disclose the fraud or to refrain from trading.
Dirks has held various management positions over the course of his career at SMART.
Gerald Scheib, art professor emeritus at Mission, has known Dirks for 26 years.
All golfers, whether serious on not, know the meaning of a birdie, eagle, par, bogey and double bogey, and suffer the same anguish when they two putt," said Dirks.
Ray Dirks, head of Ray Dirks Research and its insurance specialist, believes Conseco has a serious problem in Medigap loss reserves which is virtually identical to the one that triggered a 75 percent drop in Oxford Health Plan's stock value this year.
Dirks has 40 years of auditing and accounting experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, having served as a National Office Partner from 1989 until his mandatory retirement in 2005.
Yan's arrival at Mission was actually a culmination of 10 years of work to set up an educational exchange program between professors and students at Mission and those in China, said Mission professor Charles Dirks.
8 /PRNewswire/ -_ Security analyst Ray Dirks issued a 28-page report today recommending the sale and short sale of Conseco (CNC _ 46), an insurance holding company with a market capitalization of $10 billion.
The Adapter truly helps companies to leverage all or part of their existing enterprise taxonomies by publishing relevant subsections, or their complete taxonomies, to the Vignette Content Management Taxonomy and Advanced Search Application," said Jeff Dirks, president and chief executive officer of SchemaLogic.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- A new Ray Dirks Research report on WMS Industries (NYSE: WMS) dated Aug.