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Synonyms for dirigible

a steerable self-propelled aircraft

capable of being steered or directed


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Positioning itself against ordinary modes of travel, which Ryan stated "have devolved into a mundane state of expeditious predictability," Hendrick's Air will launch its fleet based on a single and majestic dirigible.
The stories in Gregg Cusick's collection, My Father Moves through Time like a Dirigible, display the author's keen understanding of emotions from hope to loathing, as well as the murky spaces in between.
Led Zeppelin, el dirigible que porta una irreverente propuesta y perturbador arsenal poliritmico y microtonal desde los anos de la contracultura, desafio los convencionalismos de la cultura rock y hoy revitaliza la grandeza de los tres primeros albumes, considerados obras maestras del blues progresivo experimental.
Once again, the setting is a dirigible that is a finishing school by day with a hidden agenda.
The Aeroscraft, a dirigible designed to carry cargo around the world, is being developed by aircraft manufacturer Aeros.
During his trip he finds a crashed dirigible and tries to repair it.
NASA NASA dirigible hangar at Moffett up for grabs .
13 (Minions) Universal is sending out the enormous yellow dirigible to float across the country, promoting the launch of Despicable Me 2 on July 2.
There has also been plenty of speculationas to how the dirigible caught fire so quickly, some of those theories were featured on a "(http://dsc.
As well as dealing with the more popular patterns of floats, the book goes into depth on some of the lesser known and sometimes rarely seen variations, such as the Anydepth, Dirigible, Slipstream, Streamsearch and the Kelby Windcheater.
Un bloque energetico de este tipo de hasta un mil megawats sena capaz de sustituir una central nuclear, Pero por el momento, en caso de un sismo o tsunami cuando se desconectan todas las fuentes de energia electrica -y esto sucede en el pais con frecuenciase podria operar por medio de un bloque energetico de pequenas dimensiones colocado, por ejemplo, en un dirigible situado sobre la zona del desastre desde el cual se dirigiria a la Tierra un chorro de microondas mediante el cual se podrian cargar los aparatos electricos.
The large dirigible had encountered bad weather--its skipper LCdr.
Eva von Zeppelin, a relative of the World War I dirigible airship designer Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin had threatened to sue if they took her family name in vain on her home turf.
The bacterial dirigible approach takes bioengineering a step further.
Pangborn started mouthing the word dirigible to himself.