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It is laudable, what they think hard; what is indispensable and hard they call good; and what relieveth in the direst distress, the unique and hardest of all,--they extol as holy.
The Dowager wrote off the direst descriptions of her daughter's worldly behaviour to the authoress of the Washerwoman of Finchley Common at the Cape; and her house in Brighton being about this time unoccupied, returned to that watering-place, her absence being not very much deplored by her children.
I saw the whole thing in a flash, without a tremor, but with the direst depression from my own single point of view.
A profligate spendthrift who is always borrowing money will get more from his friends than the rigidly honest man who only borrows of them once, under pressure of the direst want.
For emerging nations, the problem is how to meet basic need, transcend conditions of marginality, and improve levels of economic sustenance without generating the damaging pollution prevalent in industrial societies The consequences of complacency will fuel the future degradation of our ecosystem and an environmental apocalypse capable of matching the direst medieval imaginings.
Here's guessing the mole is the person whose career needs the direst resuscitation.
Traveling around the country, I have met children who represent a fraction of the millions who are falling between the cracks of the social security system and who are living in the direst of circumstances.
The direst feeling is when you load in your tape or CD and it comes back as "bad media" and it can't be read.
Along the way he woos and weds Sally Bannerman, daughter of an unforgettable politician, Joe Bannerman, who becomes Cory's tutor and eventually his direst political foe.
Quite apart from the usual backup gun needs, if the direst predictions had come true there would have been a high likelihood of a brother officer being involved in a line-of-duty shooting.
In other words, it was at the moment when one had the direst need for intensifying the research at hand, which was already quite advanced, and when one needed to nurture it with other methods and other languages, that economic and social decadence made Islamic societies turn their back to science.
So the evidence about what's happening on the ground in Japan and the aspirations of American CEOs there suggests that the direst of media pronouncements have been overblown.
Unfit for service, even in the direst days of the Nazi regime's hunger for manpower, he observes and obsesses about the decline and then repopulation of the rail station.
An associate of Damon Albarn's Africa Express, Modja draws on life experience in her native land where musicians and women have borne the direst consequences of Jihadi war.
Mr Cameron may well be motivated by both personal convictions and his mastery of realpolitik, and if it forces all parties to devote energy, intelligence and resources to tackling some of our direst social problems then Wales and the UK will be better off.