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It may be useful at this point to compare our results with those of Sheshinski (2007, 2010) and Direr (2010) in the context of flexible annuity plans.
The direr the circumstances in terms of imminence of the threat and the lack of popular awareness and commitment, the more efficacious is the market in providing the mechanism for the true believers in the know to go all-in to find a solution.
Any decision forced upon Lebanon -- such as with the Arab League vote -- has been made under duress, with those opposed to condemnation of Syrian security crackdowns propagating fear and warning of even direr alternatives.
In a speech at the founding ceremony, Adler pronounced: "There have been no direr wars than religious wars, no bitterer hates than religious hates, no fiendish cruelty like religious cruelty .
Francis Russell, The World of Direr 1471-1528 (Alexandria, Va.
For women who have exited from higher level jobs, the news is even direr.
If this bad trend continues, an even direr scenario will ensue.
Arthur Angelo Bispo de Oliveira, Bianca Luiza Reinert, Deborah Afonso Cornelio, Cristina Imaguire, Cristiani Hagar Flores, Direr Liepsch, Douglas Kajiwara, Juliano Ribeiro, Marcos Ricardo Bornschein, Marlon Carlos Borba, Nilton Carlos Caceres, Olivia Isfer, Paula Elbl, Paulo Eduardo de Souza, Priscila Barbosa, Reginaldo Assencio Machado, and Ricardo Volles for help in the field.
Some Palestinians in South Hebron and the Jordan Valley are experiencing an even direr situation, as Israel is preventing them from developing a piped water distribution network due to permitting restrictions posed by the Civil Administration in Area C, which are applied even to basic water and sanitation infrastructure.
May it bring us direr debacles, upsets, weeping singers and the downright bewildered.
In a direr situation, they provide the level of competency needed to protect the life of a child with serious allergies, a child who is diabetic or with seizure disorders, and God forbidding, the life threatening accident.
6 trillion yen annually, which would push them into an even direr financial situation.
Her ex-Private Secretary Patrick Jephson said: "She liked to heed predictions, the direr the better, about the prince - ski accidents, helicopter crashes that obstinately refused to befall him.
And so when our heroes are confronted by two dangers--the danger from Sauron's encroaching army, hunting for the Ring, and the infinitely direr prospect that Sauron might gain the Ring--it is a mostly virtuous man, Boromir, who is most sorely tempted.
The situation was even direr for specialists in central hospitals, where less than 10 percent of posts were filled--including just one surgeon out of twenty-four positions.