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The crisis is real, as the interviews of the following three gentlemen, who have abundant firsthand knowledge of the direness of the situation--and who also happen to be black--make clear.
The direness of the current situation results from the speed at which the world's languages are being lost.
In fact, in this follow up essay to his "The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution," 1959, Snow stresses the direness of the polarized situation between the "two cultures.
22 piece in the British Guardian - "It Can Only Get Worse" - revealed most devastating statistics regarding the direness of the Palestinian economy.
3) </pre> <p>Being a young western volunteer in this refugee/migrant community involves both exposure to a wealth of rich and warm intercultural experiences and a growing consciousness of the quantity and direness of the children's needs and of the absence of clear solutions.
But the device is more commonly used for humorous effect rather than for such solemn purposes as intensifying the direness of dealings among the Soviet nomenklatura.
No rational person can claim that they are unaware of the evils of tobacco and even many hardened smokers approve of the Government's attempts to discourage smoking and prevent youngsters from taking it up ( although, like most of the adult indulgences that children are warned against, its glamour increases in proportion to the direness of the message.
A: I have supp'd full with horrors; Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts, cannot once start me.
There is a kind of direness in sexual conjunction: desire, desperation, gratitude, self-transcendence or self-disgust, yearning for pregnancy or grim determination to avoid it, the incandescence and the temporality of joy.