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(geometry) a curve generated by the intersection of a plane and a circular cone

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DirectriX beat out worthy entries from classmates, including a mobile app solution to improve doctor efficiency in checking patient status and an app to help users organize their social media channels.
This condition is determined by the kinematic generation of the elongated directrix [D.
In the same way, students can find points (shown as black dots) that are twice as far from the directrix as they are from the focus.
Since the cone is centered in the origin of G, the rotation would affect only the directrix.
Draw a line perpendicular to the directrix through the point A; i.
In this way, the geometrical surfaces are generated by a generating curve G in it movement along the directrix curve D (Botez, 1967).
7 Given a point P and a straight line l, one can fold any tangent of the parabola with focus P and directrix l.
In addition, Directrix offers follow-up/tracing of shipments, handling of return packages, documentation and labeling as well as offering its customers third-party logistical solutions.
Illinois Superconducter (OTCBB: ISCO), Vsource Inc (OTCBB: VSRC), Rich Earth Inc New (OTCBB: RCER), Internet Business's Int'l Inc (OTCBB: IBUI), Catalyst Semiconducter (OTCBB: CATS), Celsion Corporation (OTCBB: CELN), Medix Resources, Inc (OTCBB: MDIX), Fisher Co's Inc (OTCBB: FSCI), Teleserv International Gp (OTCBB: TSIG), Axonyx Inc (OTCBB: AXYX), Netword Inc (OTCBB: NTWD), Elite Pharmaceuticals Ws New (OTCBB: ELIPZ), Directrix, Inc (OTCBB: DRCX), Interactive Mktg Tech Inc (OTCBB: IAMK), Rookies Fund Inc (OTCBB: ROCE),
According to the cinematic principle of the generation of the real surfaces on machine tools, for the generation of complex surface in a general case, the generating element must effectuate a movement along the theoretic generatrix G and a movement along the theoretical directrix D (Sandu & Strajescu, 2006), (Strajescu & Sandu, 2006).
As per terms of the agreement, Directrix will build, outfit and operate a 105,000 square foot teleport, master control, and soundstage complex in Los Angeles.
NYTU050 09/25/2001 08:00 r f bc-CA-Directrix-Playboy (BEVERLY HILLS) Playboy Entertainment Group Closes Agreement With Directrix
Directrix had previously reported in its Form 10-KSB which was filed on July 15, 2001 that it had received a default notice from Akamai and that it was contesting the notice and that there were outstanding services issues.