file system

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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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Namescape brings peak proficiency to Active Directory with innovative identity management solutions and a unique approach to Active Directory management.
Maintenance renewals have steadily climbed to 88 percent in Q1, as Namescape customers continue to renew their business with our suite of Active Directory management solutions," said Joanne Carthey, Namescape's CEO.
Such directory management enables enterprises to efficiently react to changes, reduce costs, and provide a proactive approach to network administration and projects such as Windows 2000 migrations, for example.
Imanami(R)'s WebDir(R) is a powerful web-based directory management solution that provides self-service to users to update their own directory information and manage their own groups.
The more prominent drivers influencing directory management can be segmented into two groups: Business and Technical.
The ability for directory professionals, network and systems administrators and IS staff to come together in communities of expertise is critical to share best practices and expertise as well as learn about the latest trends in directory management.
We are pleased to be working with CMS, complementing their services expertise with our Directory Management software solutions,'' said Jan Kaminski, FastLane's president.
Entevo's solutions are leading the emerging market for directory management products and offer high value to enterprise customers," said Jeffrey Nolan of SAP.
Used by hundreds of Global 2000 enterprises, FastLane DM/Suite manages domains and directories through flexible delegation of administration (FastLane DM/Administrator(TM)), domain restructuring and simplification (FastLane DM/Manager(TM)), historic and real-time reporting during migrations and for ongoing administrative tasks (FastLane DM/Reporter(TM)) and customized directory management applications in an open scripting environment (FastLane DM/Developer(TM)).
is leading the way with a new class of directory management products designed to deploy and manage enterprise directories provided in Microsoft Windows 2000 and other vendor platforms.
Our Global 2000 customers are telling us that FastLane DM/Suite greatly decreases total cost of administration for their enterprise directory management needs.
Active Directory management adds user group management and mailbox properties.
June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Entevo Corporation, the leader in cross-platform directory management solutions, announced today that Robert L.
a leading supplier of Directory Management solutions, today debuted its new Web site with extensive information about and resources for adoptions, migrations and coexistence for Microsoft Windows 2000.
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