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(computer science) a listing of the files stored in memory (usually on a hard disk)

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Directory Management has been cast among the leading areas of IT planning, as it not only accommodates enterprise evolution, but also, indeed, can directly profit an organization through consolidating and focusing resources and personnel.
New customers of Radiant Logic's RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server and Identity Correlation products include British Petroleum, The US Department of Energy, Comcast, Discover Financial, State of Maine, Fiberlink, Ringier AG, Central Bank of Malaysia, Windstream Communications, and General Dynamics.
So there is widespread FUD about Active Directory at all levels of corporate computing.
Organized by industry, this directory contains the contacts, names and resources every marketer and researcher must have for success in any industry.
ECM for Active Directory is the newest addition to a family of modules that already includes ECM for Microsoft Exchange, offering capabilities vital to the centralized visibility of compliance across Microsoft Exchange servers; and ECM Management Extensions for Microsoft's Desired Configuration Monitoring, which integrates regulatory and security compliance validation for heterogeneous enterprises into a consolidated Microsoft Systems Center management framework.
5, the newest offering in Radiant Logic's patented and award-winning RadiantOne virtual directory solutions, acts as an LDAP proxy server or a web service to offer a common authentication and directory layer for applications requiring secure access to a variety of back ends running under different security domains.
Quest's products for Active Directory have added even more value by allowing us to automate processes and to understand what our users are doing as they access various system resources.
The enhanced INFONXX TextDirect Suite allows wireless marketing executives to offer a carrier-branded short code, trusted directory assistance listing accuracy, SMS ubiquity, and live directory assistance agent back up.
Clarke Directory Publications is a highly successful, family-run business that consistently publishes great directories.
PolicyPortal supports the requirements of enterprises that have deployed Active Directory and want to enforce policy on disconnected machines; small-medium businesses that have not deployed Active Directory, but need to centrally enforce security policies; and managed service providers that need to manage and enforce customized security policies for multiple customers.
Change Manager for Active Directory has been chosen for implementation by Inergy Automotive Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of automotive fuel systems.
Bonnie Shaw grew this directory into one of the most profitable and popular in the area," said Bruce Howard, chief executive officer of User-Friendly.
LineDrive also offers solutions for directory publishers to publish their content in multiple formats.
Also new in this version of Spotlight is a Web-based reporting facility that provides access to trending information about Active Directory performance over time, making it easier to anticipate and prevent problems with critical Active Directory processes and performance.
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