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(computer science) a listing of the files stored in memory (usually on a hard disk)

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Directory Management has been cast among the leading areas of IT planning, as it not only accommodates enterprise evolution, but also, indeed, can directly profit an organization through consolidating and focusing resources and personnel.
New customers of Radiant Logic's RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server and Identity Correlation products include British Petroleum, The US Department of Energy, Comcast, Discover Financial, State of Maine, Fiberlink, Ringier AG, Central Bank of Malaysia, Windstream Communications, and General Dynamics.
In addition, only about one-fourth of the organizations surveyed have developed an Active Directory design, although about 70% are assessing their current network as part of their Windows 2000 upgrade plan in apparent response to the sweeping changes in logical network structure demanded by Active Directory.
With thousands of updates to existing listings and hundreds of brand new listings, the 2007 Directory of Business Information Resources is the source for information every business needs to stay current and competitive.
Data within Active Directory can come from diverse sources and includes many different objects; ECM for Active Directory detects and tracks critical changes in the Directory, storing them in its Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and providing administrators with the visibility required to determine who changed what and when.
Having created the industry's first virtual directory, Radiant Logic now sees demand from the portal and distributed applications industry for a product simplifying authentication and acting as a global directory layer in a complex heterogeneous environment.
Active Directory is a critical part of many organizations' IT infrastructures," said Jackson Shaw, senior director of product management, Quest Software.
Clarke Directory Publications is a highly successful, family-run business that consistently publishes great directories.
PolicyPortal supports the requirements of enterprises that have deployed Active Directory and want to enforce policy on disconnected machines; small-medium businesses that have not deployed Active Directory, but need to centrally enforce security policies; and managed service providers that need to manage and enforce customized security policies for multiple customers.
Extremely compact on a CD or corporate LAN, the new directory offers several additional features and benefits not found in the print directory:
The new "Verify DNS Health" test in Spotlight on Active Directory alerts administrators to DNS problems, allowing them to anticipate and resolve these issues before they affect directory availability.
0, its flagship product line that delivers enterprise-class security administration and systems management by seamlessly integrating UNIX, Linux, Mac, Java and web platforms with the identity, access and policy management services of Microsoft Active Directory.
jsp) is provided if the searcher desires more information and is interested in subscribing to any of three on-line directories from the marketing trade publisher (The Adweek Directory, The Brandweek Directory and the Multicultural Directory).
With LineDrive's comprehensive content management features, directory publishers can store directory listings in one central database and reuse the information - without reentry - for multiple vertical-market directories.
Quest Change Manager Detects and Corrects Unwanted Changes in Active Directory and Group Policy
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