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of, for, or relating to administration or administrators

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In consequence of the Fugitive narrator's craft, Morel's projection stops functioning as a flat documentary recorder and (a la Werner Herzog) instead becomes a window into a directorially contrived "ecstatic truth.
While what was once said of Chaplin, that he made films great only by appearing in frame enough times, could never be said of the more directorially ambitious Tati, nevertheless, from Playtime onward, the man is seriously missed.
We do have geniuses, yes, but with regards to something being directorially iconic - the industry probably isn't mature enough for its 'Lynchian' oxygen mask just yet.
You only need to watch ``Tenenbaums'' for a few minutes to realize that everything about every shot - down to where each actor is carefully placed in the frame and the often uniformlike costumes they wear from scene to scene - has been directorially overdetermined to a compulsive degree.
Though mostly well sung and decently played, directorially this Kata is as effective a bomb as any anarchist ever detonated.
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