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of, for, or relating to administration or administrators

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Produced by filmmaker Karan Johar, the Anurag Singh directorial is based on the Battle of Saragarhi.
Prats had his directorial debut when he sat in the director's chair for an episode of 'Tonight with Boy Abunda' last August.
Part 1, "Global Perspectives," includes: Marianne McDonald, "American Directorial Perspectives: Independence Day Meets Greek Tragedy" (31-52); Avra Sidiropoulou, "Greek Contemporary Approaches to Tragedy: Terzopoulos' Revisions of Aeschylus" (53-72); Andrew Haydon, "British Auteurship and the Greeks: Katie Mitchell" (73-92); Penelope Chatzidimitriou, "Tadashi Suzuki and Yukio Ninagawa: Reinventing the Greek Classics; Reinventing Japanese Identity after Hiroshima" (93-110).
Rossum's co-stars also shared their excitement for the actress' directorial debut when they posted photos of the Showtime star prepping for the filming of her episode.
The 24-year-old Roberts, will see his directorial debut released on September 25.
From her film-stealing turn as troubled porn actress Amber Waves Nights, to her gorgeous turn in Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man, she has long been our favourite ollywood redhead.
Beyonce has released a sneak preview of her directorial debut, in which the famously private star gives an intimate insight into her recent pregnancy.
KJo has been juggling between this directorial venture and his commitment as a reality show judge on the small screen.
When Fonda scouted locations for his directorial debut feature, The Hired Hand (1971), Conner made the trip with him.
It provides an encyclopedic catalogue of such directorial choices made in hundreds of theatrical productions that the author has attended over the past twenty-five years.
Denzel Washington will make his directorial debut in The Antwone Fisher Story (current working title) based on Antwone Quenton Fisher's memoir Finding Fish to be distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.
Her second directorial effort, Remembrance, locates itself nicely alongside Alfred Hitchcock's The Thirty--Nine Steps and Jorge Luis Borges's short story "Funes the Memorious" in its exploration of the mysteries of memory.
Luis Puenzo's directorial debut is a disturbing and edgy political thriller about a middle-class Argentinian who discovers the real truth about her adopted child.
She begins with an overview of elements that conspire to make a film what it is: choice of genre, directorial intention, cinematic conventions, camera strategies, distribution, and so forth.
LOS ANGELES -- The winners of the 2006 Directors Guild of America Outstanding Directorial Achievement Awards and the recipients of the Guild's 2007 Career Achievement Awards were announced tonight during the 59th Annual DGA Awards Dinner at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.
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