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of, for, or relating to administration or administrators

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Joy Mathews' debut directorial venture Shutter cannot be confined within any shutter.
The 24-year-old Roberts, will see his directorial debut released on September 25.
From her film-stealing turn as troubled porn actress Amber Waves Nights, to her gorgeous turn in Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man, she has long been our favourite ollywood redhead.
Meanwhile, the TVD fans can recall that Paul Wesley made his directorial debut in "The Vampire Diaries" Season 5.
Beyonce has released a sneak preview of her directorial debut, in which the famously private star gives an intimate insight into her recent pregnancy.
KJo has been juggling between this directorial venture and his commitment as a reality show judge on the small screen.
Boyle's Directorial Team: Unit Production Manager: Sanjay Kumar First Assistant Director: Raj Acharya Second Assistant Director: Avani Batra Second Second Assistant Director: Sonia Nemawarkar This is Mr.
The Directors' Guild of Great Britain (DGGB) Awards 2005 will honour, amongst others, director Sam Mendes with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in theatre and film and director Simon McBurney with an Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Theatre.
Combining a classic genre (the western) with a markedly personal directorial approach, realistic characters with a mystical devotion to the land, and meticulous craft with a touch of visual and aural experimentation, it is as much an independent-film prototype as Easy Rider.
Chapters 1-6 are organized not by the plays or productions discussed but rather by categories of indicated directorial changes.
Her second directorial effort, Remembrance, locates itself nicely alongside Alfred Hitchcock's The Thirty--Nine Steps and Jorge Luis Borges's short story "Funes the Memorious" in its exploration of the mysteries of memory.
Luis Puenzo's directorial debut is a disturbing and edgy political thriller about a middle-class Argentinian who discovers the real truth about her adopted child.
The dancers kept an impressive unity of focus throughout the piece, a testimony to Lawton's directorial skill.
Hilary and Jackie's superb acting, bold directorial concepts, and beautiful score drive home the point that MS is a devastating illness.
She begins with an overview of elements that conspire to make a film what it is: choice of genre, directorial intention, cinematic conventions, camera strategies, distribution, and so forth.
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