director of research

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a supervisor in a research center

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Cowen Group Inc (NASDAQ:COWN) has said that Lisa Thomas has been appointed to Cowen and Company's equity research department as a managing director and associate director of Research.
Power Capital Partners LLC, a private equity firm formed in partnership with Hunt Power Capital Partners, LLC, has named Douglas C Anderson as its Managing Director and Director of Research & Due Diligence.
Warsaw was a city like that," said Michael Haddock, a director of research in CBRE's London office.
I think Reg FD has made these meetings pretty tense, and in many cases, management is following a script and is reluctant to depart from it," said James Barrett, director of research at Advest.
As the Director of Research, he led the publication of the DISAM text, The Management of Security Assistance, to be used as a classroom reference.
Linda Williams (no relation), director of research and education at the Congressional Black Caucus Institute for Public Policy and Research, suggests that the Joint Center could be more effective by taking a stand on the issues.
McTague resigned last week to become executive director of research at the Ford Motor Co.
Jim Laveglia, PhD, has passed the baton of Director of Research at MPI Research to Tina Rogers, PhD, MBA, DABT, formerly the company's Discovery Center Director.
Corporate Governance: Best Practices for Financial Management, by Cheryl de Mesa Graziano, Director of Research, FERF
DALLAS -- Invesco Real Estate today announces that Mark Roberts has been named Global Director of Research and Mike Sobolik has been promoted to regional Director of Research in North America.
According to Joel Parker, director of Research for the Industrial Development Research Foundation: "Real estate for corporations really is a strategic resource.
The use of testosterone and progesterone in this unique delivery method is based on the clinical work of Charles Connor, OD, PhD, Professor and Director of Research Programs at SCO and Charles Haine, OD, SCO Vice President for Academic Affairs.
The world's 10 best intranets named in this year's contest provide numerous examples of the latest trends in intranet design and are each described in detail in Nielsen Norman Group's "Intranet Design Annual 2007: The Year's Ten Best Intranets," co-authored by Nielsen and colleagues Kara Pernice Coyne, director of research and Mathew Schwartz, researcher.
DFW AMA Hosts Harvey Rosenblum, Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank at Dallas Luncheon
John Parmentola, Director of Research and Laboratory Management, (OASA(ALT), Dr.
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