director of research

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a supervisor in a research center

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Nelson served as the director of research for Legg Mason Wood Walker, Incorporated from 1985 to 1989.
I think people are blaming some of the market volatility we've had recently on Reg FD instead of blaming it on the fact that companies and analysts in retrospect, especially for some of the more volatile stocks, may have just overestimated how good things were going," said Ira Malls, senior vice president and director of research for Legg Mason, a Baltimore-based financial services company.
Williams, who is a former associate director of research at the Joint Center, says her organization, which was created last October, may compete with the Joint Center in the future.
In her new role as Director of Research and member of the Corporate Management Team, Dr.
Mark Roberts is the Global Director of Research for Invesco Real Estate, chairman of the firm's Investment Strategy Group, and a member of the Executive & Investment Committees.
Parker, IDRF's director of Research said, there are no widely-accepted models for corporate real estate as there are for other departments in the corporations.
Charles Connor, Director of Research Programs, earned his PhD from Temple University and his doctor of optometry degree from the University of Houston.
The world's 10 best intranets named in this year's contest provide numerous examples of the latest trends in intranet design and are each described in detail in Nielsen Norman Group's "Intranet Design Annual 2007: The Year's Ten Best Intranets," co-authored by Nielsen and colleagues Kara Pernice Coyne, director of research and Mathew Schwartz, researcher.
Meyer, vice president and director of Research, a senior vice-president of the company.
DFW AMA Hosts Harvey Rosenblum, Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank at Dallas Luncheon
John Lepore, formerly Director of Research, has been named Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee and Senior Managing Director.
John Parmentola, Director of Research and Laboratory Management, (OASA(ALT), Dr.
Mishkin, professor of economics at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, has been chosen as the new director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Amanda McNamara serves as Director of Research and Chief Operating Officer for Torc Investments & Research ("TIR") and is responsible for the development and publication of the company's research projects.
Prior to joining Legg Mason, Melnitchenko was senior vice president and director of research at Eppler, Guerin and Turner Inc.
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