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Synonyms for directivity

the property of a microphone or antenna of being more sensitive in one direction than in another

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the quality of being directive

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The directivity of the new antenna was controlled in the vertical direction.
The curve is then used to generate a second directivity index again using the direct sound measurement as the other parameter.
4 dB insertion, greater than 40 dB dynamic range, low input and output return losses (< 20 dB) and 15 dB directivity.
In the late 1980s, Ken Kantor's AR MGC-1 attempted to achieve (along with its many other clever effects) lower-treble directivity by sinking the midrange driver on the cabinet side and also into a deep "horn" of foam.
The configurable BTE has the highest possible directivity available in a BTE hearing aid," said Christensen.
For example, I am not convinced, as is Sanders, that the constant directivity dispersion model is incompatible with proper reproduction sound in the home.
This starkly shows driver/baffle directivity and scallops or "flare-in" at crossovers, where the lower driver begins to get beamy at the top of its range and the upper one comes booming in within the omni lower part of its range.
The main features of CHRONOS include: smart, transparent mesh generator to improve the accuracy of the solution; a solution for broadband, or ultra-wide-band problems, from a single execution of the problem using a short pulse; special treatments to provide highly accurate field calculations; transient signals used with E-field source, voltage and current sources, and lumped sources; a wide range of E, H field, voltage and current outputs; input impedance, admittance, scattering parameters and Smith charts of s-parameter; calculation of gain, directivity, radiation pattern of antennas; high quality graphics and text utility for preparation of reports and presentations.
Versatile Imaging Technology: The scanner is equipped with "VI Technology" combining a deep depth of field lens, CCD linear image sensor and high directivity LED lamp to minimize unevenness in image quality and prevent the scans from being affected by the surrounding light to generate smooth images even when scanning from a distance.
Its low directivity characteristics broaden the sound projection range, providing 180-degree sound quality and bringing delicate and minute sounds to life.
Also because of its phase coherence and controlled directivity, the Dunlavy speaker line is renowned for its two-channel imaging.
Alera Remote Microphone allows the hearing aid to take advantage of natural directivity afforded by the pinna and external ear.
Legacy designs aim to control directivity and minimize distortion by increasing the radiating surface proportionally to decreasing frequency (increasing wavelength).
The product provides a natural sound by preserving the directivity of the ear, reducing background noise and enhancing hard to hear sounds with preset environmental filters.
The patents granted in various patent jurisdictions around the world include 2 patent grants for the Basic architecture and functional principles of its MEMS based digital speaker; control of volume and tone in digital speakers; Directivity patterns in direct digital speakers; and in the field of Packaging of MEMS based digital speakers.
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