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Synonyms for directionality

the property of a microphone or antenna of being more sensitive in one direction than in another


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the property of being directional or maintaining a direction

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Affect imparts directionality to problem solving, which in turn influences actions.
Does directionality impact the translation process and lead to a higher occurrence of P3 macro TUs in inverse translation?
This configuration is similar in birds, which have an interaural canal that increases directionality.
The illustrations are beautifully composed, to heighten the emotional resonance of the text through the subtle use of colour contrast, impressionistic style, harmonious use of the rule of thirds as well as directionality, and the emotive use of focal points.
Mexico's spine surgeons will now benefit from all of the PediGuard features, including directionality and miniaturization, thus minimizing complications due to cortical breaches and reducing their exposure to radiation as a result of less dependence on fluoroscopy/said Pierre Jerome, CEO and co-founder of SpineGuard.
Because the blocking mechanism in the latch is continuously active, we achieve a sustainable increase in safety, regardless of the directionality of the accident.
An antenna with high directionality tends not to spread through space but to be carried in a straight line.
Where the directionality of vibration cannot be completely controlled or known in advance, FFE's switches are believed to be the only ones available on the market to work effectively as they are responsive to vibration in all planes and angles of motion.
The FlashLite app provides users with an interface that gives directionality and strength feedback related to the desired tag's location as well as displaying the location of the tag on an image or map on the mobile device helping the user to rapidly determine the area, then specific location of the tagged asset.
The sky, as seen from the earth, becomes something abstract, a realm of pure directionality.
burgdorferi from western Minnesota to determine directionality and evolutionary history of B.
Although research in this area has linked PTSD to spiritual struggle, little is known about directionality between these variables.
More specifically, topics include intra-urban mobility and changing density functions in Tel Aviv, university-industry technology transfer, migration models and the directionality of job search processes, and sustainable transportation development and travel behavior, among others.
That directionality feature is critical to an instructor and other range personnel.
By equating the proportion of true and false temporal targets followed by a vertical or horizontal prime (see Table 1), neither the orientation nor the directionality of the prime could inform the participants about the validity of the subsequent temporal targets.
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