directional microphone

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a microphone that is designed to receive sound from a particular direction

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Hearing aids with directional microphones provide benefits, such as improvements in the signal to noise ratio, which can help remedy this problem (3-9).
While ideally this could be attributed to the advantages of the directional microphone in terms of speech understanding in noise, these subjects did not differentiate their preferences in quiet from their preference in noise, which may indicate that other factors played a role in these ratings.
A second method, generally referred to as "automatic directional," switches the directional microphone on automatically in noisy environments.
Those sounds, first captured as electrical signals by a precisely positioned directional microphone, are sped to a personal computer, where they are converted into digital data--some 350 pieces of information, or data points, for each nut.
Cooney's world: Since 1999, Cooney, who has a bachelor's degree in biology, has gone out into the woods, the wetlands, the mountains, even his own backyard with a digital audio recorder and a directional microphone to capture the sounds of nature.
Now hearing care professionals can offer their patients with severe hearing loss the benefits of the TriMic[TM] directional microphone system with the TRIANO 3 P BTE.
Including a directional microphone, the system is approximately 25 times more sensitive than most human ears.
The device contained a directional microphone, a PCI data acquisition board, data analysis software and an impact surface.
tonganus from Tutuila, American Samoa in June 2001 using a Senheiser MKH-70 P 48 directional microphone, Sony digital audio tape recorder TCD D 10 PRO II, and Canary bioacoustical software for analysis.
A highly sensitive directional microphone, mounted close to sample product, picks up only relevant high frequencies emitted by crispy foods and filters out those emitted by the texture analyser itself.
To address this burgeoning category, AT&T consumer products has introduced a directional microphone that lets consumers place phone calls through their PCs without ever lifting a finger.
The Beam Forming directional microphone technology provides crystal clear recordings of voice notes, lectures and interviews.
3) Mobile unmanned reconnaissance vehicle should be able to mount reconnaissance sensors (modules), among other things: cameras day and night (night vision and thermal imaging), directional microphone, keypad or dubbing lifting small objects or explosives, etc.
INFINITI Pro is equipped with digital, single-channel processing with additional frequency-response-shaping parameters; expanded dynamic range; microphone noise reduction; Directional Microphone System available on ITE, HS, and ITC models; and Switchless[TM] Telecoil, which allows users to conduct telephone conversations without having to manually adjust their hearing aids.
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