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Synonyms for hypothesis

Synonyms for hypothesis

a belief used as the basis for action


Synonyms for hypothesis

a proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations

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a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

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05 regarding the computer literacy variable, so the directional hypothesis is rejected, but the null hypothesis is not refuted.
Therefore, the null hypothesis is rejected, but not the directional hypothesis.
Although I began the analysis with statistical tests of the hypothesis that high scores lead to high national success in the future, these results are not presented, since statistical testing turned out to be unnecessary because the hypothesis underlying the policy concern about America's poor test scores is a directional hypothesis.
We relooked at our data, with this directional hypothesis in mind, and found that CON1 (M = 76.
The initial thought was to test the directional hypothesis that performance would be better in the presence of spectators.
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