directional antenna

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an antenna that transmits or receives signals only in a narrow angle

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Moreover, the comparison of the dissimilarity among sectors of a directional antenna and an omnidirectional antenna is shown in Figure 13 and Figure 14.
Quantitative advantages of using: a) planar and b) reliable network topology as well as c) directional antennas for interference mitigation, have been thoroughly discussed in [9].
In Section 3, we overview the directional antenna model and mmWave-based IEEE 802.
10] tries to enhance the traffic delivery ratio in wireless mesh networks equipped with directional antenna.
HANA bundles all necessary cellular components, including a directional antenna and cellular connection and management software, with optional 3G/4G modem.
The MD24-12 sub-compact outdoor directional antenna features a small package that offers both a low profile and low wind loading.
Tenders are invited for Crosstube antenna mount 407 AFT (P162-407A) product number 910141400 and BMA-6-O-DM; Omni directional antenna, 4.
The PAWDC-24 is a directional antenna system that incorporates a two-piece aluminum die-cast parabolic grid-type antenna reflector with the PMPF, patented 50-ohm passive feed dipole.
A detachable thumb-sized broadband directional antenna points to the source of emission with the help of a built-in laser pointer.
This tutorial will describe three amplitude-based techniques: single directional antenna, Watson-Watt and multiple antenna amplitude comparison.
Wideband Directional Antenna For Industrial Wireless, Public Safety And Railroad Networks
For larger installations and maintenance, or areas with significant interference, a tool with spectrum and demodulation analyses, and a directional antenna, is recommended.
11 technology, consists of a Meru Networks access point and several directional antenna located on the perimeter of the building to be protected.
Digital UHF Static sets with display without GPS, 40bits and above Inbuilt Encryption, IP Site connect capability, DTMF Key pad and other accessories with 30 meter RF cable RG-217 with 6 db Fiber Glass Omni directional antenna.
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