directional antenna

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an antenna that transmits or receives signals only in a narrow angle

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By combining the signals received across two distinct polarizations (vertical and horizontal) and across high-gain directional antenna elements, ZoneFlex P300 bridges are designed to maximize the received signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in more reliable connectivity and yielding the highest possible performance between two or more points.
Table 17: Global BTS Omni Directional Antenna Forecast by Frequency, 2010-2015 (Units) 37
A directional antenna and receiver can help locate sources of interference, eliminating as many as possible, and can even find unauthorized users or stolen equipment.
The wideband feature of the new design allows system planners and integrators to use a single directional antenna in the deployment of interoperable public safety networks.
All Amped Wireless Professional Series High Power Wi-Fi Solutions feature a weatherproof enclosure for indoor and outdoor use, an advanced 600mW amplifier for professional Wi-Fi range, and a high-gain directional antenna to achieve strong, wireless connections up to 1.
The highly directional antenna is optimal for radar and ranging applications.
Built-in Hi-Gain 11dBi directional antenna connected to a receiving radio
In addition, the Ruckus beamforming antenna arrays, composed of many directional antenna elements, are configurable in real time without human intervention to give access points complete control over the direction and form of Wi-Fi signals along with the ability to actively avoid and reject interference.
MetroFi, the leader in providing fast and Free Wireless Internet to municipalities, will recommend the Super Cantenna to customers who need to connect to a network from the fringes of its operational radius, or who may be looking for a directional antenna to maximize their signal.
A 24" Dual-Polarized directional antenna is available in a 65 horizontal beam-width for mounting in outdoor stadiums, indoor DAS systems or on monopoles for providing signals in a corridor type application.
The 6dBi directional antenna, giving you extended wireless signal range in a concentrated direction.
5GHz Low Cost Directional Antenna Product Line Including a Large Selection of Different Gain, Dish and Flat Panel Antennas for High Performance High Throughput Wireless Systems in the Public Safety, WiMAX, and ISM/UNII bands as well as special bands used in Poland and Russia
The IP67 dome is home to a multi directional antenna.
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