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Synonyms for directional

relating to or indicating directions in space

showing the way by conducting or leading

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The next progression is to add randomness by having the coach use directional arm signals.
Padding provides the wedge shape that helps promote directional solidification.
Siemens is the only company to offer three-microphone directional technology, TriMic[TM] (available on the TRIANO 3 BTE model).
Cyberphile is an established brand in the emerging markets of web and e-commerce, while Directional Software has a long pedigree in data collection and intelligence solutions including time and attendance and access control.
Rockwell, which helped develop the global positioning system for the Pentagon and is looking to get out of the defense business, is finding that commercial technologies such as directional finders are more promising.
According to Libby Hurley, the author of Tri - The Journey, the participants in her triathlon training sessions give the directional signs two thumbs up.
Under terms of the agreement, Frontier Pipeline equipment, other key resources and personnel will be added to Southeast Directional Drilling.
Prior will continue his leadership as a director of the Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada as a representative of Michels Directional Crossing Co.
Siemens premium digital hearing aids, SIGNIA[TM] Select and PRISMA[TM], now offer the patent-pending VoiceMic[TM] directional microphone system as an option in half-shell models.
Purchase of Frontier's Assets is a Response to Strong Demand from Southeast Directional Customers
31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This market research report categorizes the directional drilling services into submarkets on the basis of applications, services, types and geography.
The city of Fort Wayne, IN, found a winning combination when it used directional drilling to replace an 1],000-foot corroded cast iron water main with CertainTeed Certa-Lok C900/RJ restrained-joint PVC pipe.
By bottom-filling molten aluminum into the mold cavity via the adoption of low-pressure pouring and then promoting directional solidification with active feeding, this casting process produces aluminum castings at a rate of up to 360 molds/hr.
Nowhere are the benefits of horizontal directional boring more evident than on utility construction projects in urban areas.
CONROE, Texas -- Multi-Shot LLC, one of the largest independent directional drilling service companies in the oil and gas industry today, has expanded its operations to enhance its energy services capabilities and customer focus.
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