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The direction finder had to work fast, since the Nazis had developed a little gadget of their own--a "squirt" radio transmission whereby a U-boat could transmit a 15-word message in less than 10 seconds.
The equipment being requested this year -- still being referred to as ACEWS -- would consist of a communications-intelligence (COMINT) receiver, a direction finder, and jamming systems to be mounted on HMMWVs.
A Triple Mode Pulse-Follower feature provides advanced flexibility for applications requiring coordinated control of many motors: a speed-based speed and direction finder, a high-precision position-based pulse-topulse follower, and real-time synchronization to the leader by adding or subtracting additional pulses to synchronize the follower.
Photo: (1) Dave Long holds a 1943 radio direction finder at the Confederate Air Force Museum in Camarillo.
In addition, BOC Aviation selected Rockwell Collins ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder, DME-2100 Distance Measuring Equipment, VHF-2100 Transceiver, HFS-900D Radio, TPR-901 Mode S Transponder, and VOR-900 Omnidirectional Radio.
A large blue metal box with dials and knobs was known among crews as a Huffduff - a HF/DF or high frequency direction finder.
A portable direction finder can also be deployed on board the ship's rigid-hull inflatable boat to assist in the recovery.
Onboard avionics are believed to include the AN/APS-134(V) search radar, the AN/ALD-9(V) direction finder, the AN/ALR-44 countermeasures receiver, the AN/ALR-82 signal-intercept and -classification receiver, the AN/ALR-84 radar-band receiver/processor, the AN/ULQ-16(V) pulse analyzer, the AN/URR-71 communications-band receiver, the AN/USH-26 signal recorder, the AN/USH-33 data recorder, the AN/USH-34 signal recorder/reproducer, the IP-1159 pulse analyzer, the IP-1515 display/indicator unit, the OE-319 Big Look antenna group, the OE-320 direction-finding antenna group, and the OM-75 signal demodulator.
But as well as the safety and security applications, the system also works as a sophisticated direction finder.
Magellan GPS 2000 satellite- controlled direction finder, pounds 199, from Next Destination Ltd.
Additionally, Rockwell Collins was selected to provide navigation system components consisting of the ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder, DME-2100 Distance Measuring Equipment and the VOR-900 VHF Omnidirectional Radio receiver for the A350 XWB.
This is a device for securing the flight safety, Which determines the direction from the position of the direction finder on the ground to the aircraft, As long as the on-board transmitter of the aircraft is transmitting.
Even an antenna with a modest FOV can be used to provide 360[degrees] coverage in a direction finder by rotating the antenna.
Contract Awarded for Repair of the Receiver/Transmitter (R/T) Controller Transponder Control Unit and Direction Finder (DF) Controller which is applicable to the TH-1H Helicopter.
Even an antenna with a modest FOV can be used to provide 360 [degrees] coverage in a direction finder by rotating the antenna.
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