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a course of study that is supervised and controlled by a specialist in the subject

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There will also be some directed study with a clinical educator and assessments to undertake.
This proceedings of the eight annual Mid-South Instructional Technology Conference: Teaching, Learning, & Technology contains the following selected presentations: "Design and Implementation of a Multimedia CD-ROM-Based Directed Study Preservice Teacher Education Course" (Timothy Morse); "Effective IT Integration in the Composition Classroom: Instructor and Student Perspectives" (Maria Clayton); "Enduring Principles of Teaching [Technical Disciplines] in the 21st Century" (Rob Byrd); "Enhancing Accessibility with Web Material and Courses" (Raj Desai, Ted Loso); "Enhancing a Face-to-Face Course with Online Lectures: Instructional and Pedagogical Issues" (Thomas Keefe); "Evaluating ELearning: A Front-End, Process and Post Hoc Approach" (Temba C.
1 As a member of the 169th graduating class of the FBI National Academy, Captain Bellew introduced this technology to law enforcement as a directed study project in conjunction with the Education and Communication Arts Unit, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia.
The trainee pilots will accomplish this level with easyJet via assuming type rating, line training and two modules of directed study, at the same time will operate flights for easyJet.
The new directed study classes do count toward the state-required "time on learning," which sets a standard of 990 hours.
The program consists of 4 days of classroom training, months of directed study, video (including textbooks & study guides, e-learning lessons, technical tests) and completion of a final Capstone project.
As part of this significant launch, a major refurbishment has taken place to include new IT suites, a resource room and library, refurbished classrooms, a student lounge and open learning area for students to relax and have state-of-the-art facilities for self directed study.
In the sixth form there is a strong emphasis on academic achievement, directed study, careers advice and making a difference in both the school and local community.
The first two levels of the course are undertaken with CTC Aviation as part of the CTC Wings training programme and the third level is achieved with easyJet through the undertaking of type rating, line training and two modules of directed study while the pilots are flying for easyJet.
He studied at the University of Saskatchewan where he earned a Juris Doctor in Common Law, completed a directed study in Aboriginal Law at the University of Turku in Finland, and an Honours Degree in Political Science at Carleton University in Ottawa.
About 50 seniors have volunteered for the program, which takes place during the students' directed study.
I think it really helps us to set the right tone with our students; that they'll be learning the material through directed study, but there is real-time help and instruction if they need it," says Martin.
Through its online campus and its directed study programs, Capella University currently teaches more than 1,800 students throughout the U.
Through its online campus and its directed study programs Capella University currently teaches more than 1,500 students throughout the U.