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vision using the fovea and parafovea

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TfL's proposed HGV Safety Permit Scheme will incentivise use of lorry cabs with high levels of direct vision and encourage more freight operators to adopt safe systems of operation.
The black grid pattern on the bag assists with estimation of tissue fragment size; morcellation proceeds under direct vision until the tissue fragments are smaller than four printed grids.
6 This procedure consisted of transfixion of the hemorrhoidal pile base with two or three stitches under direct vision.
The role of clean self intermittent catheterization following direct vision internal urethrotomy in reduction of recurrence of urethral stricture.
5] described a new approach: TAP block under direct vision in open surgery they concluded that the risks associated with the conventional approach could be prevented with this easy technique.
In the right hands, insertion under direct vision can overcome most difficulties, but is again not without risk.
The scope was then reinserted alongside the stent delivery system and the SEMS carefully deployed under direct vision, allowing for adjustment of its position.
A stent is passed into the aorta from the artery at the top of the leg in a delicate operation done under direct vision on a screen.
This means the nurse has a direct vision of the patient inside of the room.
The breakthrough - by the University of Birmingham and BAE systems - would see commanders wearing headsets to direct operations, giving them a direct vision of the action and relevant information.
When it comes to the meteor shower observing spot, the viewers should find a location where bright lights are not in their direct vision.
This experience was invaluable as it has given me a direct vision into what is important to our existing and potential customers, both internal and external.
Cameras are being discussed at a European level, but it's our opinion that if you increase direct vision then you are using the ability of the driver to be able to identify things in close proximity to his vehicle, instead of adding yet another piece of technology in an already heavy-workload environment.
Kate Cairns, who travelled to Brussels with TfL to lobby MEPs ahead of April's vote, said the study substantiated the family's calls that direct vision will save lives and called for politicians to act.
Last month I co-signed a letter with seven other national campaign groups urging the UK government to resist lobbying of vehicle manufactures and to change its mind and support EU proposals for immediate mandatory improved direct vision in new lorries (meaning the driver can see through the windscreen instead of relying on an array of cameras, sensors and mirrors).