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vision using the fovea and parafovea

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We have developed a safe technique to accurately deploy SEMS under direct vision, thus obviating the need for fluoroscopy.
Kate, county councillor for Longhoughton, a trained civil engineer and independent sustainability consultant in the construction industry, living at Newton by the Sea where she is a parish councillor, said: "Victims and their families know in their bones that direct vision lorries will save lives; we know how often the drivers say SMIDSY (sorry mate I didn't see you); we know drivers are not always able to look in the right mirror at the right time.
After the excision of the ovarian fibroma, under direct vision of a 5 mm telescope, it was morcellated and removed through the umbilical port.
A press release said that he is an expert in all forms of endourological procedures, inclA[degrees] uding Flexible UretroA[degrees]renoscopy (visualisation of ureters and kidA[degrees] ney without surgery); PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy A[degrees] removal of kidney stone under direct vision through a very small cut); TURP (TransA[degrees]urethral resection of prostate A[degrees] removal of enlarged prostate through the penis without cutting); Holmium Laser Prostatectomy; laparoA[degrees] scopic procedures such as nephrectomy (removal of kidA[degrees] ney); pyleoplasty (repair of parts of kidney); urologic oncology procedures (for cancer in prostate kidney and urinary bladder); and microsurgical andrological work.
At four months after RP, he experienced a recurrence of the stricture, which was treated with direct vision internal urethrotomy (VIU) and self-catheterization (insertion an 18 French catheter daily).
Achieving direct vision may cause unnatural postures that result in isometric muscle contractions.
The pleural cavity was inspected and biopsies were performed under direct vision in all suspected areas.
He noted how, 'in order to put down this direct vision of his, Lowry has evolved a technical power as individual as it is effective, and the actual putting of the paint on to his panels (or the nicking it off at points to give us highlights) becomes a joy in itself.
Thompson holds five United States patents, including fallopian tube and method of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, device for retrieval of ovum, embryo transfer arrangement, intrauterine delivery arrangement and in-vitro fertilization procedure using direct vision.
The abdominal drain and snare were withdrawn and the T-tube placed appropriately, plugging the hole in the pyloroplasty, under direct vision.
When the dentist is working on the buccal surfaces of the right maxillary posteriors, the dentist is generally using direct vision.
This is done by direct vision under endoscopic guidance while using MR imagery.
While air is insufflated within the esophageal lumen, an 18-gauge hypodermic needle is passed through the common wall under direct vision (figure 2, A).
Anterior vitreous opacities can be lysed under direct vision.
The new technique prevents swelling in tissues and lividity in the face and it gives the surgeon the ability to see and view all the steps of bone surgery under direct vision and under endoscopic control.