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a trust created by the free and deliberate act of the parties involved (usually on the basis of written documentation)

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For example, there exists direct trust score between node i and node j as well as node j and node k, then the indirect trust score between node i and node k can be calculated via the following trust transmission:
A CM calculates the trust value of its neighbours based on two information sources direct observations (or direct trust degree, DTD) and indirect feedback (or indirect trust degree, ITD).
In first phase direct trust is evaluated using dempster shafer theory, in second phase indirect trust is evaluated using trust matrix operations.
It is also documented in a two-player trust game that the levels of direct trust and reciprocity are higher than the levels of indirect trust and reciprocity (Dufwenberg et al.
Each node maintains two trust tables: direct trust table and the recommended list:
The grantor may also retain the right to direct trust property distribution on death by way of a testamentary special power of appointment, and, in the case of multiple beneficiaries, retain the right to veto distributions to other beneficiaries.
Companies have invested a multitude of resources to create seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) environments within their network walls where applications and PCs share a direct trust relationship.
It adopts fuzzy theory to compute direct trust value and recommendation trust value according to consumer ratings of different service attributes.
The algorithm start with the measurement of direct trust value, each node will have two variable [alpha], [beta] > = 0 these variable are incremented base to on the events.
DSS will be providing full service HISP functionality through an agreement with a Direct Trust accredited HISP provider.
Thus, researchers modelling direct trust and indirect trust to evaluate trust degree in a peer-to-peer network.
In file sharing P2P applications, a peer needs to manage two kinds of trust in another peer, one is direct trust in file provider's capability for providing file sharing service, and the other is recommendation trust in recommender's reliability for providing recommendations about other file providers.
Either the trustee (an independent X corporation) with the consent of the protector (as explained), or the living parent of the settler as beneficiary may direct trust income or principal to be appointed to or for the benefit of any beneficiary, provided, however, that only the protector may make such appointments for the benefit of either settler or the parent beneficiary.
A key advantage of Advisor Direct Trust is that it allows Estate Planning Team advisors to continue to have full discretion to choose and manage investments that best meet the investment objectives of their clients' trusts, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other marketable securities.
They are 1) Direct Trust Evaluation 2) Indirect Trust Evaluation.