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a transmission mechanism in which the infectious agent is transferred directly into the body via touching or biting or kissing or sexual intercourse or by droplets entering the eye or nose or mouth

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In the following analysis, we assume that the direct transmission rate is small such that PU is willing to seek cooperation.
The direct transmission of movement in all directions gives a "real-time feeling," and makes the instrument an ideal platform for a range of applications, including microinjection and manipulation of suspension cells such as oocytes and blastocysts.
It is to note that preparations were finalized inside the Saeb Salam stadium at the Riyadi Club along with the direct transmission of said match via "LBC" when information spread that security forces received orders to evacuate the stadium and to postpone the match in preservation of security.
In a traditional or direct transmission setup, each sensor node collects the data from its surroundings and transmits it directly to the gateway as shown in Fig.
The basic idea in cooperative communication is that in addition to the direct transmission from the transmitter to the receiver, there can be other nodes, which can be used to enhance the diversity by relaying the source signal to its destination, hence forming a virtual multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system.
Although cooperative communication promises to increase the capacity, an improper selection of relay node can result in an even smaller capacity than that under direct transmission.
Despite this apparent evidence of direct transmission, the virus's transmissibility remained "limited and non-sustainable," said the paper.
He said "outsiders full of doubts and speculations" were making baseless claims by alleging widespread irregularity in the direct transmission of results to the Comelec's transparency server, from which partial, unofficial results were taken.
To this the leaders are said to have told the chairman that he could turn the direct transmission off if he felt that was necessary.
The sources revealed that the front-runners to become the 97th Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, in a direct transmission from the first patriarch, Abraham, are the Grand Sacristan, Archbishop Nourhan Manoogian and Director of Ecumenical Relations, Archbishop Aris Shirvanian, the current Locum Tenens.
Khoja welcomed the proposals, saying that the direct transmission of the Taraweeh (post-Isha) and Tahaggod (late prayer) in the nights of Ramadan will remain as scheduled over the previous years.
This might originate from a remote clinic to a physician's office using a direct transmission link or may include communicating over the Internet with a service such as Skype.
Dengue Fever always spread through a Vector which is a specific mosquito and never can have direct transmission like a droplet infection, while closure of institutions and abandoning the public gatherings can only be recommended in the diseases which spread through sneezing and coughing i.
scientific researches, and direct transmission of surgeries from various