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a tax paid directly by the person or organization on whom it is levied

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It said that the net direct tax collections represent a 74.
5pc at the last year level as the pace of direct tax collection slowed down owing to decline in corporate profitability, particularly in the banking sector as well as reduction in sales tax rate, it claimed.
It stated outright that a "Capitation" was a direct tax, and it implied that there were other kinds of direct tax.
By simply classifying WHT as a part of direct taxes because it is supposedly collected against a potential direct tax, a government is able to shield itself from the allegation of collecting almost 90% of its tax revenue from indirect taxes.
The day began with a spirited speech by former Chair of TEI's European Direct Tax Committee, Johann Muller, who is now a Chief Advisor with the Danish Tax Authority.
At the same time, direct tax collection (personal income tax, corporate tax) in the first six months of 2011 inches up to slightly over BGN 2 B, compared to BGN 1.
9 percent, informed FBR Member Direct Tax Policy and official spokesman, Israr Rauf, Daily Times here on Thursday.
The first tier is not a court of record and decisions are not binding on other cases; the upper tier though will set precedence rather in the manner of the old direct tax Special Commissioners.
As opposed to a direct tax on income, indirect taxes are usually based on value and are associated with consumption.
Or if your state's share of the direct tax due is one-fifth of the national total?
7 million in direct tax revenues for New York State, Westchester County and the City of Yonkers-with Yonkers' share estimated at $15.
Hence, an unapportioned direct tax such as the income tax still cannot be legal.
District Judge Barbara Crabb had earlier struck down a Wisconsin Department of Corrections program called Faith Works, which was receiving direct tax funding despite its religious orientation.
Finance Minister Masajuro Shiokawa on Tuesday suggested that consumption tax should be hiked in the medium and long term in an effort to balance the ratio of direct tax to indirect tax.
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