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a mission requiring one force to support another specific force and authorizing it to answer directly the supported force's request for assistance

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Zubair SEC's Direct Support Programme this year received 225 applications.
As in all SF transactions, commingling risk exists with respect to the sweep account bank, which is a direct support counterparty.
According to PCPID, "the intended outcome of this Report is to ensure that the Administration is fully aware of and understand the effects of the direct support workforce crisis and the opportunities to address it in ways that strengthen the ability of people with intellectual disability to both participate in and contribute to their communities and the American economy.
This is the fourth edition of the Direct Support Programme organised by Zubair SEC, the social responsibility initiative of The Zubair Corporation.
WHEREAS, direct support professionals develop close, personal, and trusting relationships with those they serve and dedicate their energies and efforts to helping them live meaningful, happy, and productive lives.
She said: "Money taken from farmer's direct support is going to affect them personally and wreak havoc with their budgets.
The direct support ceiling would take account of the "intensity of paid employment" on the farm and would not apply to aid related to beneficial environmental practices.
They also consider that direct support should be more closely tied to ecological measures (low carbon emissions, capture of greenhouse gas emissions, low energy consumption).
The Centergistic UK support office will handle direct support for all AgentView wallboards and can be reached through support@centergistic.
It is important to recognize the vital services provided by Barb and direct support professionals throughout the country," said Peter Kowalski, president of ANCOR.
However, people who receive the HSM may later qualify for the AFSM if their direct support does not include the dates and actions used in their qualifications for the HSM.
Through a co-taught curriculum, additional students were able to receive direct support.
For purposes of this memorandum, acquisition support is intended to include the award, administration and oversight of all contracts, grants, and other acquisition actions in direct support of the CPA and any successor entity.
KOST is an initiative in direct support of the NSA's Knowledge Management program.
During the past 25 years, the personnel who operate and maintain the C-9B for VR-57 have served in direct support of nearly every Navy and Marine Corps operation throughout the world, This fact is more impressive considering the majority of VR-57's personnel are Selected Reservists serving the Navy on a part-time basis.
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