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a report of the exact words used in a discourse (e

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Writers have to decide with what frequency to use them, where to place the tag in relation to the direct speech (before, afterwards, or interruptively in the middle), which verbs to use (whether she said, cried, exclaimed, shrieked, or gasped), and whether or not to accompany these verbs adverbially (said she ardently, while rising from her seat) and so on.
If so, the use of the active participle with verbs introducing direct speech in Aramaic should not be classed as the historical present, but as the "occasionally indifferent" use of the imperfective aspect in expressions introducing direct speech.
It is easier for the hearer to decode direct than indirect speech, and therefore direct speech must be mentioned in slot B of the scale.
Let's complement the classical forms, literary references, oblique myths and other borrowings with the direct speech of the material glaze on clay and slip, or even slip on glaze, (you mean you've never tried that?
The headset speaker sits comfortably in the ear to precisely direct sound and the microphone is positioned to direct speech, while significantly minimizing background noise.
The system works in conjunction with personal hearing aids to reduce this ambient noise and helps direct speech to the user.
Cramlington-based Vivid Acoustics makes Soundshuttle induction loop systems, which help hearing aid users to hear more clearly by working with personal hearing aids to reduce ambient noise and direct speech to the user.
The system reduces ambient noise and helps direct speech to the user.
Authors rarely record direct speech and leave few clues about the register of abuse--what people found tame and harmless, and what seemed shocking and profane.
KNOWING nods and winks at the camera, endless slow-mo shots of gorgeous young things (and Robert Glenister), direct speech to camera and the inevitable twist in the tale welcome to the world of Hustle.
Decorative initials may similarly mark not only formal features, such as direct speech, but also thematic motifs, such as aspects of courtly settings.
Parents who experience and then anticipate such resistance might be expected to use more direct speech with their sons than their daughters, a finding confirmed by Fagot and Hagan (1991) and Gleason, Ely, Perlmann, and Narasimhan (1996).
Written in several styles including direct speech, e-mails, very funny translations between French and English and what those holiday brochures really mean.
This is internal wonderment on the part of God, as the structure of the statement makes direct speech to the 'adam unlikely.
Since that time, Piper has used grids and typewritten text, juxtaposed newspaper articles with documentary photographs and self-portraits, and placed direct speech alongside referential speech.