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a report of the exact words used in a discourse (e

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The same theme of 'ishq-i majazi' or 'metaphorical love' which has been the centre of a great attention in Persian tradition is another intertextual reference which was further strengthened by Jami's direct quotation.
Further to this Poloucek (2006) adds that the use of direct quotation conceals a nuisance in the evaluation of the changes and development of exchange rates, which is necessary to keep in mind.
Like many ambitious studies, and especially those that require so much direct quotation to lay the proper context, depth of analysis is occasionally sacrificed in favor of greater coverage.
Direct quotation from interviews is extensive and the narrative is firmly grounded in the grassroots.
Although only one phrase in the Gettysburg Address is a direct quotation from the King James Bible--"shall not perish from the earth"--its inclusion lends Lincoln's American English reach and resonance.
Lejeune's diaristic approach isn't without its downsides, though: for one, the collection gets repetitive as Lejeune introduces the hallmarks of the genre to a variety of audiences over twenty years; the most significant disadvantage, however, is that Lejeune records his impressions of texts much more than he allows the reader to access them through direct quotation.
Quotation in music does not enjoin the strict criterion of syntactic replication required for direct quotation in language.
Both the review section at the beginning and the author studies qualify as extremely rich, and at times exhaustively detailed, mixtures of close reading, commentary on existing criticism, overview of context, cross-reference between authors, and, most effectively, extensive and pithy direct quotation from some of the most influential studies and thinkers on the absurd.
At times her readings needed more direct quotation from the contemporary texts rather than, for instance, Munday via Manley or Dekker via Twyning.
And while Iraqi civilians received a substantial degree of media attention as subjects, they were less well represented via direct quotation with figures ranging from five per cent for Channel Four to Sky's 11 per cent, averaging eight per cent across newspapers.
Because Greenspan rarely gave interviews to journalists for direct quotation, Hartcher's book contains no interview with the Fed chairman.
Although there is no direct quotation of the Wisdom of Solomon in the New Testament, the Nestle-Aland edition of the Greek New Testament lists over 100 possible allusions to it.
In his introductory remarks to the House of Representatives, the congressman included a direct quotation from the July 2001 PN article, and his bill reflects an overall awareness of IB's recommendations.
The following direct quotation highlights this aspect:
The book by Major SouthbyTallyour includes a direct quotation to these matters.