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a primary where voters directly select the candidates who will run for office

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Direct Primary Care Practice Distribution and Cost Across the
The Doctor's Guide To Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care" is also available at Amazon in paperback form for $189.
With two other physicians, Garrison Bliss started Seattle Medical Associates, a direct primary care practice funded entirely by monthly subscription fees from patients.
As director of operations, Wadsworth oversees the running of the medical practice and monitors how the practice serves every aspect of direct primary care.
Furlow said he researched the idea of being a personal physician--he uses the term direct primary care physician --for three years before making the jump.
Practice transformation: taking the direct primary care route.
who started a direct primary care practice called Access Healthcare.
The company licenses its model to other physicians and takes a percentage of their Income from direct primary care.
MODEL TWO: This direct primary care movement is an inverted model of concierge medicine for the wealthy, but its taproot extends to the time before traditional health insurance.
Drawn from direct primary research, this volume on media and politics in Eastern and Southern Africa provides students, policy makers and professionals working in the region with a concise overview of public opinion of media independence in the area and the influence of governments and non-governmental political actors on media access and content.
Nixon, after all, had to deal with the newer institutional feature of the direct primary.
The direct primary was an innovation of the Progressive movement during the early 20th century.
There is a cogent case for extending direct primary lawmaking powers to the National Assembly: why should the advocates of that view be disadvantaged by a capricious decision of the commission?
We believe a better approach is developing a cadre of physician executives who can employ and direct primary care physicians within a profitable business plan.
Sample pre-treatment is unnecessary, as the G8 utilizes direct primary tube sampling and cap-piercing.