flash memory

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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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Using the direct overwrite method, data is erased and rewritten during a single rotation, thereby resulting in a much faster data transfer rate.
Users not only have enhanced storage, access and rewrite capabilities, but information can be re-written on previously burned CD-RW discs through a direct overwrite feature.
The higher data transfer rates offered by Nikon's breakthrough Beluga Direct Overwrite optical drive enable musicians and sound designers to achieve the performance necessary for digital audio applications.
A write coil integrated within the flying head is able to achieve fast switching time, thus allowing direct overwrite and contributing to the high performance of the product.
6GB magneto optical (MO) drives incorporating Light Intensity Modulation Direct Overwrite (LIM-DOW) technology, doubling write speeds of previous generation drives.
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