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the object that receives the direct action of the verb

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To question a verbal predicator, deploy a Q-pro-verb and introduce for it a what direct object while demoting any other potential direct object to indirect
But in addition, her detailed analyses show fine-grained distinctions as well, for example, Goals that are not possessors are allowed in direct object position in Jalonke.
Terescenko wrote, "It is quite possible that denoting a direct object by nominative (by a fundamental case) is an old phenomenon, as a remnant preserved in some territorial dialects of Nenets" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
I suppose that meaning transition 'adessive' [right arrow] 'genitive' happened from predicative 'have'-construction to attributive construction: adessive modifier (perhaps at the beginning only animate entity) in 'have'-construction with development of sentence parts in the position before subject or not direct object drifted apart from the intransitive predicate and became genitive attribute.
In contrast to this view, Poinsot realizes that representative being (that is, the intelligible species as representative of another) is not itself a direct object of cognition in first intention, but can become an object through a further act of intellectual reflection.
1 karma iv an (Table I, step 7) just because that which denotes the direct object (karman is termed upapada by A.
Phrasal verbs whose particle has its spatial meaning more often take the direct object in mid-position.
These include SQL injection, used by hackers to target Vodafone Iceland; cross-site scripting (XSS), which left Microsoft Office 365 open to attack; open redirects, which presents issues for Facebook; and insecure direct object references, which saw Yahoo's servers open to root access.
These claims appear to conflict with Reid's direct realism, since if the "immediate" object of vision is also its direct object, then sight would be perceptually indirect due to the role of visible figure as a perceptual intermediary.
Brewer appropriates for his foundational concept what he considers to be a key insight of the early modern tradition: perceptual experience is an irreducibly relational act of direct acquaintance, the direct object of which constitutes the fundamental nature of experience.
Direct object of the negotiated procedure is finished printing and supply of textbooks, subject to the procedure referred to in A* 58.
Dante, as in previous issues, remains an essential reference point for Italian studies, both as a direct object of investigation as well as a steady, sometimes hidden, presence for 'subsequent authors who relate to his search for justice or simply to his anthropological depiction of human life as imperfect and confined within roles.
As a rough generalization, one can say that these languages have a special morphological case for marking the subject (nominative), and a special case for marking a direct object (accusative).
Borg says, "In English, prior to 1600, the verb believe always had a person as its direct object, not a statement.
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