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advertising sent directly to prospective customers via the mail

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Luxury marketers who are doubling down on direct mail :
Contemporary Communications Inc provides a full complement of direct mail marketing services to local, national, and international clients.
According to the firm's observations, large card issuers sent 180 million direct mail card offers in October, a 34% increase over the number of card offers sent by direct mail in September.
Seventy percent of Hispanic adults who speak only Spanish at home have responded to direct mail in the past 30 days while 60% of Hispanics who speak English at home have responded.
Furthermore, while direct mail can make a politician more accountable to his ideological base, it sometimes raises accountability issues of its own.
The database also serves as a communications tool for efforts besides direct mail, according to Riedesel.
Nearly 50 percent of all direct mail sales in the UK are attributed to that age group.
Direct mail such as newsletters and smaller brochures
The envelope should alert your clients and prospects to something in the direct mail package they can use, such as an offer for a free service or seminar.
According to the study, direct mail is the most common communications medium, with over 70% of American companies utilizing it.
With new products and services such as Delivery Confirmation, Global Delivery Services and Direct Mail, the USPS is ready to help you target more customers through successful direct mail campaigns, business strategies and more.
For traditional sales organizations and professional services firms alike, a host of sales tools (advertising, promotions, image campaigns, tie-in offers, direct mail, teleprospecting, multimedia presentations, media relations, direct sales, seminars, special offers, cooperative sales ventures, etc.
3 pieces of direct mail every four weeks, according to the Direct Mail Information Service which gathers statistics for Royal Mail.
2 million people nationwide and that 98 million Americans shop by direct mail.
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