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Synonyms for illumination

Synonyms for illumination

the act of physically illuminating or the condition of being filled with light

electromagnetic radiation that makes vision possible


the condition of being informed spiritually

Synonyms for illumination

a condition of spiritual awareness


Related Words

the degree of visibility of your environment

an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

the luminous flux incident on a unit area

painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts)

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Direct Illumination, Dial White, Pointer And Reading Black Complete, With 3/8 Inch Union Nut Bottom Connection,Surface Mounting Type As Per Wsf Pt.
The luminaire provides direct illumination from multi-die LED packages with secondary optics that utilize multiple total internal reflection lenses, which shape and smooth the light creating dramatic effects on textured surfaces.
d) The lesion is best seen using direct illumination
lighting, soft shadows, color blending, direct illumination, reflections
Direct illumination with ray tracing, a key feature in mental ray, makes computing realistic effects for reflections and refractions easy and fast to render.
This is a remarkable polygonal pattern of white or grey opacity in the cornea that is visible on direct illumination (figure 3).
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