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a flight with one or more intermediate stops but no change of aircraft

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He added that San Francisco is Air India's 4th direct flight to the US besides the existing three destinations New York, Newark and Chicago.
This is the first direct flight of the new campaign to broaden regional and international network of Cambodia Angkor Air.
Commenting on the traffic volumes that Georgia expects with the introduction of direct flights, the minister said, in 2010 around two million people, mostly businessmen from Asia, visited Georgia.
The need for a direct flight to Ahmedabad is also very pertinent since 50,000 Gujaratis live in Oman," Chothani says.
Airlines noted that that the direct flight will be very popular among business travelers, notably Taiwanese businessmen in Shanghai, since Hongqiao Airport is only 13 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai, thereby sparing passengers the need to travel from Pudong Airport, destination of direct flights from Songshan Airport now, which takes around one hour.
London, Oct 23 (ANI): Leading figures from within Birmingham's business, government and ethnic communities will join together next week to launch a petition to the Indian government for the re-establishment of direct flights between Birmingham and the Punjab.
But there was better news yesterday when a Danish airline said it was going to start operating direct flights from Newcastle to Copenhagen.
A Singapore airline is expected to offer direct flights to Siem Reap in the near future, the government official added.
To sell to the American market is still a dream," says Gaudenzi, who blames the poor performance on a lack of direct flights from the U.
To highlight those cities that provide direct flight service to St.
China Airways has announced that it will launch direct flight from Beijing, China to Addis Ababa.
Iran's Mahan Air is slated to launch its first direct flight from Tehran's International Imam Khomeini Airport to Franz Josef Straus Airport of Munich in the Bavarian state in Southern Germany on November 12.
The benefit for travelers is that they can enter through one city and conveniently visit a number of US cities and regions before heading out with a direct flight back to the Middle East from another.
HARARE (CyHAN)- Zambia and Turkey signed an aviation agreement for direct flight between the two countries, the Times of Zambia reported on Friday.
In 2010 it had an agreement with the airline Iberia to pay $4 million over three years for the Spanish company to establish a direct flight between Madrid and Panama.
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